Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Turkey Life Cycle Printables and Activities

This year for our Thanksgiving themed activities, I have been prepping a lot already. With a baby due only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I really want to make sure I get all of our printables and activities prepped and ready to go ahead of time. 
This year, I want to make sure we try some fun, creative ideas, while simultaneously providing Y with educational activities. He's been so curious about anything and everything lately. Inspired by my son's interest and Thanksgiving, I created this set of Turkey Life Cycle printables!
Thanksgiving activities: Turkey Life Cycle Printables and Activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #thanksgivingactivities, #thanksgivingprintables, #homeschool, #totlabs

Monday, 24 October 2016

Free Animal Cards for Babies

I can't believe that our baby girl is going to be here any day now! We're so excited and so anxious to meet her! We're actually still finishing up a few last minute projects around the house, but I'm really focusing on getting a lot of materials prepared for Y - you know to entertain him during those seriously long nursing sessions in the beginning. 

However, I also wanted to create a few materials for baby girl. Of course, you don't really need so many printbales, activities, or manipulatives with infants. One thing that we will be using relatively early on will be black and white image cards! 

Infant activities: free animal image cards for newborns (Montessori inspired) by Welcome to Mommyhood #infantactivities, #activitiesforbabies, #freeprintables, #montessori

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Halloween Activities: Free Cutting Strips

Halloween is coming up so quickly! We've been having so much fun learning all about Halloween, and working on Y's Halloween Interactive Notebook

Today, I am sharing a quick freebie that Y really enjoyed - Halloween themed cutting strips!

Halloween preschool activities: free cutting strips for preschoolers #preschoolactivities, #montessori, #homeschool, #homeschoolactivities, #totlabsY is four years old and has no problem using scissors, but he loves it when I give him cutting strips like these to work on! A lot of times, he will grab a paper and glue stick to create a craft after finishing with the strips. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Cooking with kids: Pumpkin pancakes with printable

Y has been absolutely obsessed with pancakes lately! He loves to eat them, and I love creating healthy recipes with lots of yummy ingredients. Of course, this time of year, pumpkin is finally available and we are taking full advantage of it by creating delicious recipes like these super healthy pumpkin pancakes!

Healthy Recipes: Pumpkin Pancakes kids can make independently with free recipe printable #montessori, #healthyrecipes, #healthybreakfastrecipes, #kidsrecipes, #kidscooking

One of the things I absolutely love about Montessori is the independence and confidence that it encourages within kids. I can really see it in Y! He loves to do things for himself and loves to learn new skills. 

One of our favourite things to do together is cook. Given his recently developed love of pancakes, I decided it would be fun to give him the opportunity to make a batch of pancakes. Today, I am sharing the recipe that we created, as well as a printable that you can use to help your kids cook independently! 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Free printables: Simple sentence cards for ESL or early readers

As I mentioned in our Gross Motor Math Games post, I have recently started teaching English as a Second Language at my son's school. I'm really enjoying working with so many students and such a variety of ages, although it has definitely been a challenge to come up with new and engaging activities for older children. After all, I am quite used to making activities for Y who is 4 years old, not an 11 year old that needs a challenge. 

One of the activities that I used with children ages 8-11 years old was using these simple sentence cards! Be sure to go on below to see how we used them! 

Free printables: Simple sentence cards for ESL or early readers by Welcome to Mommyhood, #esl, #montessoriprintables, #montessori, #freeprintables