Friday, 21 April 2017

Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers

Psst! Guys, it's time for another round of Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers! This month's theme is all about Math! I hope you guys stop by and checkout all of the amazing math goodies! 

Montessori Love on Teachers Pay Teachers #montessorilove

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shark cutting strips

I'm so excited to be starting a new unit study! For the next few weeks, we'll slowly be exploring sharks (and hopefully the ocean more in depth, but we'll see how things go). I've been planning to set these up so long ago, but we just have been so preoccupied that I have yet to get to it. I'm so happy to start! 

Lately, whenever I plan a unit study, I do it alongside other non-themed activities. I slowly bring out the themed works over the course of a week or two or three depending on Y's interest level. I like that we don't then have all shark themed activities, but some shark themed, some non-themed, and then Y can choose which he wants to work on as usual. I think this way, he gets exposed to new topics that I pick, as well as continuing to work on other topics. 

The way I choose themes can sometimes be completely random, such as this theme. I thought that with summer coming up, an ocean/sea animal study might be fun. I wanted to expose Y to something new, which this. Many times our units (and definitely our non-themed activities) are interest led. If I see Y has an interest in a particular topic, I provide additional learning materials on it. 

Today, I am sharing the very start of our shark themed learning activities with some fun cutting strips. This printables set has both snipping printables and more difficult cutting strips where the child must follow a pattern for practice with precision and hand control. 

Montessori activities: Shark themed cutting strips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities
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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our Montessori Spring: Desert animals language activities

It's time for the last article in the Our Montessori Spring series! I'm so excited to be sharing a new set of activities you can create to teach your children about desert animals, including a set of free Desert animals printables that correspond to Safari Ltd Toobs. 

Our Montessori Spring: Desert animals language activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Earth Day Pin Punching

Here's another holiday I have been neglecting - Earth Day! Every time I look at a calendar, I seem to find myself totally shocked that another day has gone by! I mean seriously self! 

I feel like I need to start getting organized for Christmas now or I will set myself up for failure. This year though, I am determined to have a big ole celebration for the winter holidays. Last year, with Natasha being just born, we ended up winging it. 

Aaand I'm way off topic again. But seriously guys, where do the days go? I feel like I'm struggling just to get my daily tasks done and then add holidays on top of it and I just don't have time. I guess life will settle down when the kiddos are older, but I like the chaos of having littles. 

Perhaps, I'll stay up a bit on Friday and finish off some awesome Earth Day printables for next week! It sounds like a good plan, assuming I can manage to stay up. 

For now, here is the one Earth Day work we have done so far! 

Montessori Activities: Earth Day Pin Punching by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #earthday, #montessoriactivities

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Number Clip Cards

So, Easter will be happening soon! I literally have no idea how this happened so quickly! Guys, time with two kids - I don't understand where it goes! Sometimes, the day just seems to drag on, but the weeks and the months seem to go in just a blink of an eye! 

I also need to start planning for my husband's birthday at the end of the month, or I won't get anything prepared on time. He already even has a gift planned for me, and mine is in September. He keeps teasing me about it - but I don't like surprises so it's starting to get me a little anxious. I need to plan something nice for him though, huh? He does work hard to take care of us, and definitely deserves a break! 

Anyway, back to Easter. That's the first thing I need to prepare for! Today, I am sharing a quick Easter themed learning activity you still have time to set up!  

Easter Number Clip Cards by Welcome to Mommyhood  #easteractivities, #montessoriactivities, #preschoolactivities, #easter, #kidsactivities
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