Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dining Room before and after (Наша столовая)

Before we moved here, this house was a 'student house'. This meant the upkeep was pretty much non-existent and we had a lot of work to do before we could move in. Our dinning room and living room were weirdly separated by a useless wall, and there was an ugly, red fireplace that was not usable, but took up a huge portion of the room. The ceiling was not even. The striped wall was separating the living and dining rooms. 

Here is the before: 


We took out the fire place and evened out the wall with plaster boards, which were also used to even out the ceiling. The wall is a normal colour after we put up white wall paper. Now, we have a pretty big, open space. Part of the wall separating the two rooms is still there because we have the stairs there, but it's still a lot better. Underneath the stairs, the hubby built what I call our Harry Potter closet  - it's a small space where we store cleaning supplies with a dead bolt lock so the kiddo can't get into it. We also have a pantry hidden there. It's not completely done though because our pantry door still needs to be fixed up along with a big list of other little projects. I'll post that once it's done.

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