Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Eleven month old activity

My little buddy caught me by surprise today! I got him to sit in my lap for a full twenty five minutes - fully entertained. What did we do? 

We played connect for... kind of. 

He couldn't get it right away, but after a few tries, he managed to get the pieces into the slots. Afterwards, he found the parts on the side that hold the pieces and wanted to continue dropping the pieces in there. I also took the opportunity to teach him the colours (yellow/red). He didn't care about what I was saying, but I figure it's never too early to start. 

I was really surprised by my munchkin. I had tried to do this a few days ago, but he tried to put the pieces in his mouth, so I put the game away after a few minutes. 

This morning, I was trying to work, but the little guy wanted my attention so I took him into my lap and gave this a try after he reached for it. (Connect four lives on our dinning table, which is also my work desk, er where the computer lives). 

So I am pleased to have been able to entertain the kiddo while playing something that is so good for his development (pincer grip, hand eye coordination). 

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