Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New born baby essentials

I've been putting away some of my son's clothes that are too small for him and have been thinking about some of my new born essentials.  This is a very basic list.

Here is a list of some of the things the hubby and I found most useful:

● A baby carrier. We have the moby and we love it.  Even though the kiddo is almost one,  we still find it useful. When he was still new,  I would strap him in and get housework done while cuddling with the little guy.  It was wonderful.

● A swaddle me or another thing that can be used to safely swaddle a baby.  It was such a change in his sleep patterns after we started using a swaddle.  We got no where with just swaddle blankets though because he would easily escape.

● Pacifiers. Yes we used them.  We have been reducing his access to the pacie for about a month or so. He still uses it at night every now and again.

● Nursing bras. I only had three at first but I really needed more.  These have been essential.

● Sleepers.  The boy lived in them. I love the ones with little gloves attached so baby won't scratch its face.

● Fleece sleepers.  I love them. The little dude was warm even in the winter.

● A pram. We always try to minimise the Munchkin's time in a car seat and hated leaving him in the car seat while doing errands or going out.  We had a travel system while visiting in the US and ended up leaving the kiddo in the car seat or using the moby. In Holland, we used a pram. It's standard here alongside baby wearing and I am a bit more comfortable with that. 

● A foot sack for the stroller.  We walk a lot and during the winter I would add extra blankets to keep him warm on top of the foot sack, but it was good at keeping the warmth in.  

● A swing was useful. I'm not sure if I would say it's a necessity but we had a travel swing, I think it was called.  I could set it in the bathroom so the munchkin could see me and I would be able to have a fairly calm shower. My girlfriend had a different swing and the kiddo liked to nap in that one, but not the one we had. He hated a bouncer, which we also found unnecessary. 

● Plain, white, long sleeve onsies. The kiddo was born in September so the weather here was already chilly. I had a lot of adorable short sleeved onsies. I would put a white, long sleeved one underneath and then show off the short sleeved one on top. He was a bit older then. 

● Musical toys. The kiddo loves music so it was nice for him to hear something while we changed him or while he was playing. 

● Bath towels. Not the special baby towels. I mean, normal, big, fuzzy bath towels! He would get cold from the thin baby towels, so I ended up buying him some normal bath towels, and he has been much happier/warmer getting out of the shower! Lovely. If I would have bought them sooner, I would have sewn a hood on it, but didn't bother to do that. 

● Some thin cloths called hydrophile luiers here, which are basically muslin blankets, but much cheaper. I used to put those on top of crib sheets and in the pram in case the kiddo would spit up. Basically, a mattress protector, but cheaper and I got them in cute patterns. 

● A play mat. He loved it. Simple. 

● Baby monitor with video and sound. We don't have one that monitors the baby's breathing, which I kind of wish we had. Daddy and I get comfort from being able to see him, though via monitor. 

● A thermometer. Absolutely necessary.

● An umbrella that attaches to the stroller/pram to block the son. They cost ten euro here, and I love having one!

● Sun screen (obviously) to protect the kiddo's delicate skin

● Baby friendly laundry detergent. The hubster has a sensitivity to normal laundry detergents/fabric softner. I bought a detergent without parabens, perfumes, just very clean/green detergent. While visiting in the US, my mum bought us some dreft, but it was horrible and failed completely at getting stains out. We bought Tide original (which we wanted for cloth diapers anyway) and it worked well. So did All free and clean.

Other things are pretty obvious:

Diapers (cloth/sposie), wipes, crib, sheets, changing table, something to hold your baby's stuff while out in public (diaper bag, purse, etc), car seat, some burp cloths

Formula feeding mommies: 
Bottles, formula, brushes for cleaning them 

Nursing mommies:  
● A pump if you want (we bought a hand pump, and a girlfriend gave us an electric pump. I used hers maybe twice and ours once. The boy has usually and still does get the boob. I pumped a few times to go out with some friends and the bottle was always a just in case sort of thing.) We got a Medela from my friend and I really liked it.

● Nipple cream (I used a Dutch one - Bepanthen. It worked well, but I did not need to use it very often)

● Nursing pads (At first I used disposable, then I used cloth. I much prefer the feel of cloth ones. I would just throw them in with the baby's laundry

Things I wish we had, but don't/didn't: 
● Wipes warmer or cloth wipes. Really ought to make the cloth wipes

● Crib protector (Okay, this was for later, but the kiddo started to chew on the top of the crib at one point, and a crib protector would have been useful. He stopped after a few times on his own, but it still really bothered me. 

Things that I found less necessary: 
● Receiving blankets. I still don't know for what they are used. Our receiving blankets became inserts in my kiddo's cloth diapers. 

● We had a LOT of socks for the kiddo as a new born. They were totally not necessary because he was in sleepers all the time. 

● We had about thirty onsies. I am not even exaggerating - we got a ton of hand me downs and it was ridiculous how much new born clothing this boy had. We did not need that many. A lot of his clothing he did not even wear. 

● Bassinet, but some people really like these.

● Rocking chair. This depends on the person of course, but I tried using one at my mother's, and it was terrible. I am rather short, so I had to hold my arms up to keep the baby in my arms, which was tiring. I was most comfortable on the couch or in bed with a nursing pillow. 

More to come later, maybe on how much clothes we needed. 

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