Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Race car party haul

The kiddo is turning one soon!  And by soon I mean his party is in less than two weeks!  I realised this today so I took the kiddo out to get some fresh air. ..er... run errands and get party supplies. Before I show what we found, I will share some of my plans for his big day. 

My hubby is a fan of all sorts of racing and he is building his own race car for a particular form of racing that is popular in our area. Coincidentally, our kiddo also loves cars. He loves playing with his toy cars/tractors and making a 'vroooom' sound as he moves them along the carpet. So it was logical to make his party car themed. I choose red, yellow, black, and white as our theme colours. We have home made invitations that have been mailed and I drew up some printables that I will post later (nothing fancy, just used word, but they will do the job). We are also ordering a cake in the shape of a race car for our guests, plus a mini sized one for the kiddo's smash cake. I also am getting a custom made onsie for him with a number one on the front, and which says 'birthday boy' on the back.

Anyway, here is what we picked out today:

These are some small knickknacks I picked up for some of the kids that will be joining us. Nothing fancy, and not themed, but oh well. It's not common here to get goodie bags at birthday parties, so I think the kids will appreciate it. 

Some decorations. The pinkish box is cut out letters to make a streamer. I will pick out the red and yellow letters and will have it say either happy birthday or my son's name depending on how many letters there are. 

We found some little trophies and little cars that I will use to decorate our table. There is also yellow decorative tape. I will tape down some garbage bags in the hallway and will use the yellow tape to make a road for the guests to play with some toy cars. The m&ms: the red,  yellow, and green ones will go in a mason jar and with a '1' candle, and will also serve as decoration. 

I got string for a wreath that I will make. I can't find streamers here, so I will use the shiny string to make streamers in the hallway. 

And that's all for now! 

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