Sunday, 1 September 2013

Cloth diapers review

I love cloth diapers.  We have a small stash that works for us. We have six alva covers, four bum genius flip covers, two gro via covers. We have about six flannel blankets that we use as inserts, about six bum genius inserts, six micro fiber alva inserts, and ten bamboo alva inserts. In addition,  we have about six other miscellaneous covers.

I love that the alvas can be used as all in twos or as pocket diapers. I like the micro fleece lining where the diaper touches the kiddo's skin. love that there are three snaps on each hip which allows for a snug fit and traps the poo very well. There is also a flap at the back that folds over the gap for the inset  to go inside of 
the diaper.

They dry very quickly.

If we use two bamboo inserts inside of an alva or a flannel insert inside an alva, the kiddo can make it through the night without a leak.

Plus the alvas come in a lot of cute designs.

After alvas, I also really like flips. These are also able to make it through the night. They also have flaps at the front and back. They also dry very quickly.
However, these have only two snaps which makes them less adjustable and not as easy to customize to your kids bosy shape. I also don't like the feel of the inside part of the diaper (the cover is just the pul). If I pair a flip with a flip cover,  some of the inner layer of the pul will be against the kiddo's skin. Although I can in theory wipe away extra urine or poo if it gets on the cover, I tend to change the cover with each diaper change. Usually  because the kiddo poos a lot during the day.
Lastly,  the gro vias. These are my last favourite at the moment. They used to work really well until the kiddo was about seven months old. We got horrible leaks after that. The kiddo would be in the diaper for half an hour before we would have a leak.  Needles to say,  we don't use these unless everything else is dirty or still drying.
What I did like about gro via covers was the three snaps and that the sides can be snapped on top of each other.  This allowed for a snug fit when my son was smaller. I also like the inside of the cover.
As for inserts,  I use mostly flannel and bamboo. I love both.  Flannel dries much faster,  which I find more convenient, but bamboo is nicely absorbant.
Overall, alva are my favourite,  followed by flips. Flannel and bamboo are my preferred inserts.
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