Monday, 9 September 2013

Cars party decorations and snacks

Phew! My son's party is done and we can finally breathe. The past few months of party planning for various things we had going on have been exhausting and I am very glad that we don't need to host another major party until my husband's birthday next year. I was really excited for my kiddo's first birthday, and started planning organising well in advance. I was so glad I did this because this weekend was pretty calm and pretty much everything was done. This was a relief because I was sick. It was really disappointing because we had big plans to do some kid friendly activities but had to cancel because I was scared of getting other kiddos sick. We plan to do this next weekend instead, but I still feel super guilty because I feel like I ruined my kid's birthday. I know, I know. He's only one, but still! I wish we could have given him the outing we had planned instead of sitting at home, but we will make it up to him. 

Anyway, here are our decorations: 

Hallway leading to the kitchen

Entry hallway

Party tape instead of safety tape

Closer look at our road

Tube racing in dinning room

Dinning room

The snacks we offered before we got out the dinner (macaroni loaded with veggies and chili, not pictured because I forgot). 

We also had cheese cut into triangles as 'road cones', and pretzels as 'dip sticks'.

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