Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dutch stampot recipe

This is one of my favourite Dutch recipes -stampot andijvie. It is very, very typically Dutch, and very easy to make. It's not the healthiest, but that's alright. I made some slow cooked meat on the side. 

Ingredients you'll need for the stampot: 

1. Potatoes (for mashing)
2. Milk
3. Butter 
4. Bacon
5. Endive (I think this is the correct translation) 

For the meat: 

1. Pork
2. 1 carrot
3. One onion cut in half rings
4. Several large mushrooms
5. Bay leaves (I didn't have any but normally would add it)
6. Garlic
7. Stock if you want


1. Start off with the meat - I cook this for two hours. First I pan fry it
2. Add water and bring to a boil
3. Add onion, garlic, bay leaf and stock if you want
4. Simmer for an hour.
5. After another hour, add carrots 
6. After it's cooked for an hour and a half, add mushrooms

Here is the finished result: 

Instructions for the stampot: 

1. Start off with the potatoes - they need to be boiled until soft and ready for mashing

2. When potatoes are almost done, fry up your bacon 

3. Cut up the endive into thin strips. One whole endive makes enough for two adults for two days. There should be quite a lot 

4. Mash potatoes (we used a mixer) and added milk and butter to make it fluffy 
5. Add endive gradually 
6. Add bacon 

Happy cooking and thank you for dropping by!