Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Easy dinner - pasta sauce from scratch

Yesterday, I felt like experimenting a bit in the kitchen. The hubby and I have been watching Jamie Oliver a bit lately, which has gotten me a bit more enthusiastic about going into the kitchen again. I came up with an easy broccoli and cauliflower bake. 

Ingredients: (portion size is two adults, I suppose, but we both had seconds, plus a bit left over. I think our portions are pretty big.) 
1. Half a pound of ground meat
2. 200 grams of bacon
3. One yellow onion
4. About one cup of broccoli
5. About three cups of cauliflower (because we had a lot of cauliflower and not so much broccoli)
6. A lot of paprika powder (to coat the food)
7. Sage, rosemary, pepper, salt to taste. I think we had about one tablespoon full of spices. 
8. Two tablespoons of cornstarch 
9. One cup of milk

1. Cook bacon
2. Add ground meat (we had pork)
3. Add onion
4. Spices
5. Add veggies and cook until they just starting to get soft

6. While the veggies were cooking, I boiled some water in the kettle, and added it to a pot with two cups of pasta. We had multi coloured shells. 

7. After the shells were a little soft (after about ten minutes), I took them out 

8. and added them to the meat and veggies. 
9. Everything was mixed together and put in the oven. I cooked it for about forty minutes on 200*C/400*F. 

This was the result.

We had some lemon water to drink. 

I made this bake without adding salt or pepper, so that the kiddo could also have some. He really loved it, but he is crazy about broccoli and cauliflower. We only gave him a little bit though or he would be very gassy during the night. This will be his lunch however as he doesn't seem to suffer from gas/poo problems during the day as much. 

Happy cooking!