Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fall goals or bucket list

Here are some things I hope to get done during this season: 

•Celebrate and even host Thanksgiving. I'm really excited about this. Thanksgiving doesn't exist here.  I have no American or Canadian friends here,  but I think it's fun and the hubby and I agree that we want to teach the kiddo about different cultures. We aren't American by birth but I grew up there so we will celebrate the occasional holiday by having a nice dinner and teaching the kiddo about it. We will be doing the same with Russian and Dutch holidays. For  Thanksgiving we will invite some friends over.

•Make pumpkin pie and lots of pumpkin recipes

• Start sweet potatoes for planting next year

• Plant garlic

• Figure out where I can get apple cider and have some

• Play in leaves with the kiddo

• Watch Halloween shows (feel really nostalgic and miss Halloween because it doesn't really exist here) 

• Have a pumpkin spice late (I think Starbucks actually makes these here. I think.) 

• Make a pumpkin spice late at home (sigh, probably will replace point above)

• Knit - a blanket, hat, and mittens for the munchkin for winter 

• Take a walk through a forest

• Fall photo shoot with the munchkin (probably in the forest)

• Get fall candles and decorate the living room for fall

• Make caramel apples 

• PREPARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS ! (ACK. I'm already getting worried about Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas' day) and New Year (biggest holiday in Russia). Both are like Christmas present wise. We're celebrating both. Oh my goodness! So much preparation! The big gifts for the kiddo are going to be home made - a busy station made of wood with a bunch of different locks and activities for the kiddo. And possibly a tool station. Seriously. So much work. 

• Finish up some just some projects around the house

• Make spiced, hot wine

• Drink lots of hot cocoa

• Make yummy soup

Wheww... that's some list. I hope that most things get accomplished. Maybe by posting on here, I will feel accountable, so I will get things done. 

What are your goals/bucket list ideas for this season? 

Thanks for visting,