Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Favourite beauty products

I haven't been taking care of myself much lately in regards to beauty. I've been too tired to wash my face in the evenings, too eager to get into bed to take off my make up, too exhausted to remember to put on lotion, too busy to put on nail polish and wait for it to dry, too forgetful to make myself get back into the habit of doing 'girly' things. It's left me feeling a bit frumpy. 

In the past few days, I have finally started getting back into the swing of things, so to say. I've finally started washing my face at night again, I've started taking off my make up, and well, that's about it really. I put on lotion every now and again, but I still fail to do it as regularly as I used to. Luckily, it's been warm and my skin hasn't gotten that dry from the lack of love. I have been giving my hair some attention, so it's a start. 

These are my easy, mom on the go, go-to beauty products: 

1. I love the clinique 3 step system. I used to use it regularly, and my skin looooved it. I have combination, dry skin, and it's fantastic (when I actually use all three steps, every morning and every evening). 

2. I love the vanilla bliss body butter from the Body Shop that I bought while visiting in the US. It lasts me a while, and keeps my skin very soft. It is very thick, so it depends on your preferences. I love to slather my legs in it after I shower in the evenings, right before I put on some comfy pajama pants that I lounge in in the evenings. I usually sleep in something else because, like I said, the stuff is thick. I also use it on my hands religiously in the winter because my hands get very, very dry. 

3. I love the redken extreme anti-snap leave in treatment. I put it in my hair after showering, and especially if I am going to blow dry my hair. It gives it a salon finish look. This little bottle is almost empty, so I will be buying it again even though it is on the expensive side. 

4. Garnier caffeine eye roller - I love this. It's another staple in my make-up bag. I always put this on as the first step when putting on make-up. It covers up my under eye circles that I get from insufficient amounts of sleep. 

5. L'oreal True Match Concealer Crayon - I really like this. I use it to cover up target areas. I don't use it every time I put on make-up, but I do use it fairly frequently. 

6. I really like the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. It's a bit thicker than the Maybelline BB Cream, so I find it gives me better coverage. This is a must have staple in my make-up bag. I always put this on just to even out my skin. The Garnier BB Cream doesn't feel thick, or make-upy, and I feel like it gives a pretty natural look. I hate when you can tell that my face has foundation/make up on, so I love the natural feel and appearance of this cream. 

7. If I am really pressed for time, I will apply a bit of natural eye shadow, and I always put on mascara. Lately, I've been using the Maybelline Volume Express Turbo-boost Mascara. I really like this one because it leaves my lashes looking very thick and long. It does get a bit clumpy if I apply too much, so I make sure to do one or two layers tops. When applying mascara, I do not make up or down movements, but I move my brush in a bit of a side to side motion. It allows me to have an even application. 

This is it as far as my every day, easy look. When I am just at home, with no plans to go out and about, I will not put on make-up. My husband prefers how I look without make-up, so I don't see the purpose of doing so. When we do go out, I will put on at least what I mentioned above. If I have time, or if we are going somewhere fancy, I will also put on blush, make a smokey-eyed effect with my eye-shadow, and possibly some lipstick. 

Since I've had the kiddo, I haven't been wearing lipstick much because I give him kisses throughout the day, and don't want to get make-up on him. In the winter though, I do use carmex on my lips because they get dry, as well.