Sunday, 15 September 2013

Healthy easy breakfast

We had a simple breakfast today.

Eggs,  goat cheese,  and a salad with greens, olives, feta, and green onions. Here's what we did: 

Eggs in  muffin tin with a layer of goats cheese, a tiny, teeny pinch of salt and some pepper. The egg in the farthest left was for the kiddo and didn't have any salt, but I did sprinkle a little bit of pepper on there. 

After the eggs came out of the over, the hubby decided he wanted a salad and chopped up some green onions while I tended to the kiddo's breakfast. 

Salad in the making. 

The final result! Yuuuuummmy. And pretty healthy if you ignore that we had cheese, although it wasn't very much. 

Kiddo had two pieces of bread with half an avocado, one egg, and half of an apple-pear. This was after he ate most of the sandwich and was done with the fruit. 

I also gave him his first slice of olive and a small piece of feta. He ate neither, but he did eat the whole egg. 

That was our breakfast today. Now to go tend to the garden... 

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