Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ideas for keeping the romance alive with kids

The hubby and I have a one year old. It's hard work taking care of the kiddo,  managing the home,  working, and then making time for each other let alone some romance. Sometimes we are so exhausted that we hardly speak but collapse in front of the television like sacks of potatoes. Here are some low key ideas for quality mommy and daddy time or just for busy couples. 

1. Kiss everyday
2. A sexy outfit. Simply putting on a nice dress or outfit for a late night dinner.  Sometimes we put the kiddo to bed and the hubby and I eat dinner alone.  A nice outfit makes me feel put together after a day of cleaning and chasing after the kiddo. Nothing too fancy - I just put on a dress that hubby likes and that's all.
3. Candles with dinner

4. Movie night after the kiddo's are in bed with a glass of wine
5. In door pick nick in the living room.
6. Coffee. Sometimes it's just something hubby and I can't avoid. Gives us some energy.
7. Massage/spa day in
8. Board games
9. Lingerie before bed *wink wink* 
10. Cuddle. Sit close together and cuddle. We loooove doing this. Seriously, don't do anything but enjoy being so close. If we have a chance to watch television in the evenings, we usually cuddle and it really helps to feel connected after a busy day. It's also relaxing. 
11. Try a new recipe together. 
12. Outdoor activities - ok, the weather is not going to be nice for that much longer, but throwing a Frisbee, badminton, bike rides (ending in picnic) - these things can be done with the kiddos, too.
13. leave notes in his/her lunch for work
14. Star gazing
15. Ice skating (with kids, too)
16. Drive in
17. Depending on the age of your kids, you could volunteer together, with kids or without.
18. Shower together or take a bath together

That's all for now,