Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Laundry basket and other fun for toddler

I had a laundry basket downstairs ready for clean, folded laundry but the kiddo likes to play with it. I had a lot of ribbon left over from his birthday decorations.  So I put the two together and let him have a go at it.

At first I didn't secure the ribbon and let him pull it off.  Then I secured it in place. He liked it more the first way. After lifting up the basket by the ribbon for a little while, he got distracted by other toys. He still played with it for about for about fifteen minutes so I see it as a success.

After taking these photos, I ended up adding more ribbon, which entertained him for a little while longer!

Plus I made him a little surprise. A box covered in wrapping paper with little toys inside. He had a blast digging inside to see what he could find, and then examining the little knickknacks. He got a few slinkies, some noise makers, and a small rubber ball. The slinkies are the biggest success - he likes to stretch them out and make them bounce back. I do have to watch him with these little things, but that's fine. 

Something else we did today that he loooooved was take a walk. He's still a bit wobbly, as he has only been walking for about a month and a half. (He was walking holding on to things for several months, but his first independent steps were about two months ago, and then after a few weeks he gained more confidence and stopped crawling all together.) Anyway, I needed to get bread, and we have a bakery a block away from our home. So, I got the kiddo ready, and we were off. I usually carry him, but this time, I let him walk. It took us about ten minutes to get there instead of the normal two, but he loved looking at everything from this new angle and being able to stop at will. I let him set the pace, except for where we needed to cross the street, where I held both hands and explained to him the importance of looking both ways. We walked quickly across the street, but then we saw a lady walking her dog. We had to stop to watch the gaf gaf  (gaf gaf is what we call a dog. It's the sound a dog makes in Russian). My son is crazy about animals, and laughs every time he sees one. 

Anyway, we made it to the bakery, and came home and ate about a third of the loaf of bread. Yummm, fresh whole wheat bread. Plus I got a few goodies for Daddy and I. The kiddo and I ate it in our backyard, and while we were eating, a cat came by. Here, most/all cats are outdoor cats and are let in regularly for food/water. So the cats roam around in our backyard quite a lot. The kiddo loves it. I don't as much because they poo on our grass. Ick. But, he enjoyed watching the cat while munching on his fresh bread. So today has definitely been a fun filled day in toddler-ville... too bad his napping has been horrid and now he wants to sleep again. Time to go for a nap. 

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