Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mommy on the go outfit of the day/Наряд дня

Here is an easy, (nursing) mom on the go outfit. I have a pretty hard time putting together stylish, comfortable outfits that I can nurse in. I bought a few new tops yesterday, and put together something very easy today. We went to Monkey Town - a children's play place, with ball pits, slides, giant legos, and basically a ton of activities for kids ranging from 1 - 8, I would say. We also went grocery shopping afterwards. I needed something I could crawl around in, be comfortable, and not look like a frazzled mom. I came up with this: 

Mango top (it's longer in back than in front, even though you can't see it from this photo), pants from Zara (they look like leggings, but they aren't, they are much thicker but pretty tight so I feel more comfortable pairing them with a shorter top rather than leggings), and boots from H&M. I have some stud earrings in so the kiddo can't pull on them, and a few bangles. 

A Simply Vera Wang bag that held a ton of cloth diapers, wipes, lunch for the kiddo, hubby and my cellphones, and wallet. 

I have no idea where the scarf and belt came from. I also have rings on, but they are not visible. 

I ended up nursing the kiddo while we were at the play place. I used the scarf to cover up a bit, and was able to simply pull the top down because it stretches easily. It wasn't too busy, and I got no weird looks (usually don't in Holland). It was a smooth operation, I should say. The boob made him tired though so we left after about an hour and a half of crawling, and flirting with older ladies (the kiddo loves to babble and make flirty eyes at little girls. Seriously, he starts giggling every time he sees a girl. He even walked up to one and gave her a hug today. He's already a ladies man!) 

Yep, I still look very young, but I promise, I'm not a teen. Height wise though, I'm about as tall as a 12 year old here :/ 

Thanks for reading!