Thursday, 5 September 2013

Party wreath and onsie

Here is the wreath I made for my son's race car party! It was very easy, and I am pleased with the result.

The wreath is covered with black, grey, white, and red thread. I bought the yellow tape at a craft store. I made the flags by printing and then taping them onto tooth picks. Very easy. 

Here is the onsie we ordered for my kiddo's birthday. Tomorrow is his actual birthday so we will be spending the day doing toddler things (petting zoo, and a 'monkey town' where he can climb on things and play with other little kiddos. He's going to wear this onsie tomorrow and also on his actual party. (The onsie will be washed sometime in between Saturday and Sunday.) Anyway, here is his special onsie: 


The back was supposed to say 'Birthday Boy', but I wrote down that it should say 'Happy Birthday', while telling the seamstress it should say 'Birthday Boy'. In the end it did turn out alright. 

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