Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Reflections on last year, goals for the upcoming year

It's almost my birthday. In fact, this weekend, the kiddo and I will be celebrating our birthdays. I'll be turning 26. I will be closer to 30 than 20. It's weird. I've realised in the past year, I have really become an adult. There's now way around it. Adulthood seems to have snuck up on me gradually - I didn't realise it as it was happening, and now, it feels like a shock. Like, where did my youth go? 

I guess it doesn't matter much. I'm perfectly happy with where I am in life. I have a wonderful husband, a lovely baby, what else do I need? 

As this post is meant to reflect on the past year, as well as to explain my hopes/goals for the upcoming year of my life, I'll get back on topic. 

While I was 25, I graduated from grad school. I've had a baby. I've started working again. My family has moved. This all happened very quickly, like we wanted. Both the hubby and I are pleased. While I was pregnant, the hubby and I agreed that I would be home with the kiddo for at least his first year. I was lucky enough to get a temporary, part time job, working at home. I'm still doing this, and it's been wonderful that we can get some extra money, while keeping the kiddo with me. I'm pretty sure that if he went to daycare, he would be happy because he is such a social little dude, but I don't think I'd be able to handle the separation. For now, play dates are able to give him enough social interaction. In the Netherlands, he can go to a pre-school from age two, so that will certainly be something that we will do. 

This past year has flown by. The year started off in a wonderful, crazy way - I was in labour with my wonderful son. The hubby and I were waiting to meet him for the first time, to finally look in his eyes, to finally hug him, and hold him close. And I was in a ridiculous amount of pain. It was worth it of course, but damn, pushing out a baby hurts! 

After about thirty hours, the kiddo was born on my birthday. 

This kiddo is almost one! One year ago, he was born. It has gone by so fast! He went on his first international trip (to the US, to meet his family there), he started walking, he has just grown and flourished into a lovely toddler. 

This past year was filled with wonderful events, and less wonderful, crazy changes. I hope that while I'm 26, our lives can continue to settle down from the upheaval of the past year. Here are some of my hopes/goals for this upcoming year of my life: 

1. Re-build up our savings account (we had some unexpected occurrences that caused us to spend a huge chunk of our large savings. Boo.) 
2. Save 2,000 euro specifically for a new baby 
3. TTC and conceive baby number 2 (my fears/thoughts/plans on this are a whole other post) 
4. Take the kiddo on a holiday in a camper. Somewhere near by, in a lovely forested area, with nature where we can get away and relax. (We did this last year, it was lovely. This year, we didn't go on a summer holiday because we had spent three months in the US from October-January so we didn't need another holiday away from home. During the hubby's holiday from work, we simply spent two weeks relaxing at home. That was woooonddderrrful!!!) 
5. Get a permanent work at home job (we'll see how well this goes, but it would be ideal)
6. Enjoy the kiddo 
7. Try new recipe each week
8. Sleep less, get more done (I wish I didn't have to sleep - think of all the possibilities!) 
9. Write  a lot
10. Finish several knitting projects that I have started
11. Start vlogging 
12. Relax every now and again
13. Get my family eating healthier 
14. Use less plastic 
15. Read a book (I wish I had time for this)
16. Continue nursing the kiddo until about two years old! 
17. Make the kiddo laugh everyday
18. Read a book to the kiddo everyday
19. Kiss the hubby everyday  
20. Introduce more fish info my family's diet
21. Have a large fruit and vegetable garden. 

This list is still incomplete, but the kiddo needs a nap! So we are off to try to get him to sleep! 

Thanks for stopping by!