Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Easy, educational toddler activity

I've been slacking in teaching my munchkin to talk. We read a lot, but with all of the languages that the kiddo is exposed to, I think it's really important to practice Russian, his main language at home, and make sure that he is learning new words. Although he can say a few, I am making it a point to practice language more routinely. The pediatrician did tell us that he may seem to lag in language skills until he's a bit older because he will be taught multiple languages at home, instead of just one. That is - he will be learning words from both languages, which will make it seem like he speaks two languages poorly rather than one very well. If that makes sense. However, I really want to try to make it easier for him, and to expose him to as many words as possible. 

So to work on this... 

About a year ago, I went to Ukraine and picked up several educational, reading activities and books for my then soon to be born kiddo. I'm starting to bring these out now. Today, I took out a bunch of puzzle pieces. They are pictures of various items that fit into the corresponding letter with which they start.

This is just the pictures. You can easily just print or draw images for this part.

I took all of the pictures and put them into a manila envelope that I had wrapped in decorate paper to make it pretty less boring

Next, I just put the pictures into the envelope and called over the kiddo. 

He liked reaching into the envelope to pull them out. As he did that, I would name the images to him. His favourite was a dog. I made the noise that a dog makes in Russian (gaf-gaf) and he smiled and repeated it. In fact, the next several images became gaf-gaf to him. 

Then, he enjoyed ripping off the green paper. Oh well. I took it away in time to save it, but I will sew an envelope later. We could reuse for multiple purposes them. 

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