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Healthy Soup Recipe: Russian Borsch or beet soup

Healthy Soup Recipe - Russian Borscht
One of my favourite recipes is Russian beet soup, or borsch. I love that it's a healthy soup recipe. I love that it's stuffed with veggies. I love that it bursts with flavor from all of the delicious ingredients. I also love the nostalgic feeling I get everytime I prepare it. In one bite, this soup takes me back to my childhood in Ukraine. I remember the hills, the warm summers, the beautiful weather.

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This recipe was a hit with my husband the first time he had it, and he asks me to make it constantly. This is a basic comfort food for us and a recurring recipe. It's so filling that this is a meal in itself, and you definitely won't need to eat something else with it. It's scrumptious. I promise, you'll love it! 

Here is our healthy soup recipe for the day: Russian Borsch


So, so many. This portion will make enough for two adults to eat three meals from. Each time we make this soup, I have enough for my husband and I to eat dinner, lunch, and freeze some for a quick dinner.


1. 4 small beets cut into small pieces
2. 1 medium onion
3. 4 white potatoes
4. 1/3 of a medium head of white cabbage
5. Meat (I used about one kilo of beef cutlets for this portion, but this is optional. You could skip this, but then you should add some stock. Chicken is also a good option)
6. 3 carrots (shredded)
7. 4 cloves of garlic
8. Salt and pepper to taste 
9. 140 grams or 10 tablespoons of tomato paste


1. Fill pot with water and add meat. Bring to a boil then simmer. I cooked mine for about half an hour. Add salt and pepper here.
2. Pan fry beets then add to pot
3. Bring to boil
4. Reduce heat
5. Pan fry onions and carrots 
6. Add tomato paste to pan
7. Pour mixture in pot
8. Add potatoes
9. Bring to boil then simmer again
10. After potatoes are half way cooked, add cabbage
11. Bring to boil then simmer again
12. Once the vegetables are all soft, add your garlic
13. Cook for another two minutes and turn off

This gets better if it sits, so the second day, it tastes even better. We usually eat it with a dab of plain, low fat yogurt. Traditionally, this is eaten with a spoonful of sour cream or mayonnaise, but I prefer the lighter addition of the yogurt. Also, this is yummy with some toasted whole wheat or whole grain bread on which we rub some garlic.

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