Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Toddler activities

I've been working on coming up with fun activities for the munchkin. I need activities that entertain him for extended periods of time. More than five minutes is amazing.

Today's activities include the following supplies:
1. Puddy of  some sort
2. Beads
3. Spaghetti

My plan was: stick pieces of spaghetti into the puddy, and have the munchkin string the beads onto the spaghetti. We didn't really succeed with doing that, but he had a blast playing, anyway.

He watched me stick the spaghetti into the buddy and wanted to do it himself. He proceeded to take it out, put more in, break some of it. He was very focused, and this was great for his fine motor skills because the spaghetti is so small. 

The beads were in the box with the upside down four. 


I kept the amount of beads small because I was scared he may spill them or run away with them. I did have to watch him closely and remind him a few times not to run away, but all in all, it wasn't a problem.

He also had a blast taking the beads and hiding them in the puddy, then finding the beads again. 

In the end, he did try to string the beads onto the spaghetti, but he didn't succeed. I guided him a bit, which also helped. 

I think we were busy for about twenty minutes. 

A few other things we have been working on lately:

1.Nurturing and care. I take a stuffed animals and cuddle it, sing to it, brush its hair, etc. I ask munchkin to copy me, although usually he just does. Now, when he plays with stuffed animals, he will also do that. He will take one, hug it close, and walk around singing to it. 

2. Taking care of himself. Before or after Daddy or I brush his teeth, we give him his toothbrush and let him try on his own. He also tries to brush his own hair. 

3. Cooking. We get him involved in cooking wherever we can. He mixes dry ingredients, gives us fresh veg, and well.. that's pretty much it because he is still pretty young obviously. 

4. Words and letters. I have a book of the alphabet in Russian with pictures of animal and words that start with that letter. We go through that book multiple times a day. I also have magnets of letters, which we practice.

5. Puzzles. We practice the names of the pieces that we are putting together. Language is generally something we work on all the time. 

6. Parts of the body. I name the parts on my face, and repeat as I touch the corresponding ones on his face. 

Those are the major things that we are working on daily. There's probably more, but I can't think of it at the moment. Munchkin is also super great at freeplay. He's been dancing and singing along to the radio for about twenty minutes now. Amazing! He looooves music so much. 

I'm off to have a snack and then it's nap time. 

Thanks for reading,