Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Toddler activity - indoor chalk

I got this little wall decoration that we had in storage and let the munchkin go to town scribbling on it. 

At first I got out one colour and helped him draw. Once he started getting tired I got the box of chalk and the flower pot behind it. I let him take the chalk out of the box and sort it and put it in the pot. He had a great time.

Side note: do you see our table. It's one of the many projects my husband and I made for ourselves. We want to sand and paint it but we can't decide on a colour so... It's staying ugly for now. That's also why I don't care if the table gets dirty or scratched. 

This also got me thinking - we are starting to look into moving into a bigger place. I would love a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Munchkin would have an activity to keep himself busy while I cook, and I could keep an eye on him. Our current kitchen barely has enough room to turn around in, so this isn't possible now. I would looove it.

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