Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yummy veggie-cakes

I made my munchkin some veggie-cakes. Instead of pancakes. I had some myself while cooking them up, and they are so tasty!


1. Four tablespoons of buckwheat flour
2. Two eggs
3. One corn on the cob
4. Half of a tin of black beans
5. Three quarters of a butternut squash
6. One cup of cooked quinoa
7. One small, red onion (finely chopped)
8. Coconut oil for frying with


1. Cook squash (I steamed, boiling or baking in the oven would work, too)
2. Cook corn
3. Cook quinoa
4. Remove skin from squash, and cut corn off of the cob
5. Mix ingredients together
6. I added some coconut oil to the 'batter', and a little to the pan
7. I used a table spoon to scoop the batter into the pan and made small pancakes with it
8. Flip when the top starts to bubble and no longer looks moist

These turned out so well! I added a little bit of salt and pepper to mine, which really enhanced the flavours!

I love that the ingredients are so healthy! Another note - did you know that onions have a huge amount of health benefits. 

They contain: 

Vitamin C
Chromium (good for regulating blood sugar)
Dietary fibre 

They also have:

Folic acid

Onions also contain organic sulfur compounds, which are good for the liver. The amino acids that contain the sulfur help to detoxify the body from metals. 

Onions are also good for the heart.  They can reduce inflammation and heal infections.

The list actually goes on! It's amazing how many health benefits there are to eating onions. We usually incorporate onions in our dinners and salads, and I'm really glad that we do. I've started to also increase the amount that my son eats (cooked only).