Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Homemade (kale) pasta sauce

I bought a bunch of kale at the market on Friday. It's super healthy and I love it! My husband, however, doesn't like it. I wanted to incorporate kale into our meals this week, so I thought I would use the same technique that I do for munchkin's meals - I would hide the kale. I hid it in the pasta sauce, and the husband loved it! So the pasta sauce turned out really well, and I was very happy to be able to incorporate more kale.

I've also tried making kale chips before, but I burned them and haven't given it a go, since. I'll try again today. I also prepped some beans for chili yesterday, and will finish it off today. I think I will try to put kale in there again. Hopefully, both of my remaining kale endeavors will go well.

I also have a bunch of quinoa recipes that I want to try out. I have been cooking with quinoa for the munchkin for a while, but I was putting off cooking with it for the husband and I because I was a bit scared he wouldn't like it. After we had the kafta and quinoa salad, hubs decided he really liked it! I so happy! So, I I have some experimenting to do in the kitchen. I think I will serve the chili tonight with some quinoa, as well.


1. Four large tomatoes (blanched and skinned)
2. One very large carrot (or two medium sized ones)
3. One onion
4. Three cloves of garlic
5. Two teaspoons of sun dried tomato paste
6. One leaf of kale (separate leaf and stick part and cut kale leaves into strips)
7. One and a half cups of broccoli and cauliflower combined
8. One quarter kilo (half a pound) of mince meat
9. One tablespoon of paprika
10. One tablespoon of oregano
11. Half a tablespoon of sage
12. Half a tablespoon of chives
13. One bullion cube
14. Half a cup of milk
15. Fresh basil (to taste)
16. Mozzarella
17. Two tablespoons of corn starch

1. Pan fry onion until translucent
2. Add mince meat and dried spices
3. Add carrot once meat is browned
4. Once carrots are getting softer, add broccoli and cauliflower (I also added some of the harder part of the kale. This added crunch)
6. Add tomatoes
7. In a separate bowl, whisk together corn starch and milk. Then add to pan
8. Add bullion cube

9. After you get the vegetables soft enough (based on your own preferences. We don't like mushy veggies, so we only cooked the mixture for about fifteen- twenty minutes).
10. Add mozzarella, sun dried tomato paste, kale leaves and garlic right before turning off the pan


Easy and yummy!