Thursday, 7 November 2013

Munchkin Meals

It's time for the Munchkin Meals link up from Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life again! I love seeing what other families are feeding their kiddos, and getting new ideas for the munchkin.

munchkin meals


I love easy breakfasts. I can't handle mornings without coffee, which I drink slowly while completing a multitude of other tasks because... well, because the kiddo needs attention and he needs to have breakfast himself. My go to breakfasts are: pancakes! I make them in large batches, and freeze them.

I love these pumpkin pie pancakes.

Other favourites are: oven baked eggs, oven made oatmeal, homemade lara bars with yogurt, homemade oatmeal cookies.

(homemade carrot cake lara bar with greek yogurt and chia seeds)


Some of the kiddo's absolute favourite lunches are simply steamed veggies. I posted yesterday, how I prepared panko breaded asparagus, which the kiddo didn't really like. He devoured steamed asparagus and some peas, however.

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower make more frequent appearances in the munchkin's lunches. Other lunchtime favourites last month are patties or veggie cakes of some sort that I can freeze like these:

(Squash, corn, black bean, and red onion veggie cakes)

 or  vegetable muffins. Usually these are still served with vegetables of some sort, or a deconstructed salad. Munchkin has been loving as long as I peel the skin.

Other lunchtime favourites are tortillas of some sort. 

This tortilla was wrapped with an avocado, coriander, and hard boiled egg filling. Yumm. 


Dinners tend to be a version of whatever it is that we are eating with dessert. Dessert is always a piece of fruit, or yogurt. Yesterday, I used left over chili to make enchiladas of some sort, which was pretty easy as all I had to do was add a few ingredients (corn, olives, and cheese), and wrap them up, cover in more chili, and pop them into the oven. 

Dinners tend to include grains or a starch of some sort (pasta, rice, quinoa) and some veggies that are easier on the tummy because the kiddo still gets tummy cramps if he has too much broccoli or cauliflower in the evenings. Instead, I try to give him more orange veggies like:

Sweet potato and kale latkes with a hard boiled egg

I've also started cooking soups now that the weather is getting colder, and he loves borsch. This takes me a while to cook up, but then I can easily reheat it and we eat it for lunch or dinner for several days.

Munchkin always has water to drink, and is still not into milk. I'm alright with this because he's still nursing up to eight times a day, so I know he's getting milk. He also eats yogurt and cheese so he is getting dairy of some sort. I'm starting to incorporate smoothies into his diet however as a snack with some milk. 

He doesn't snack too much. He has noticed that I keep a bowl of fruit on the dinning room table, and has been snatching fruit. Usually, it's bananas or apples. He will also snack if he sees that I am eating something. He will run up to me and open his mouth, waiting for a bite. He's been doing this for a while, and has really caused me to change my snacking to completely eliminate junk because I don't want him eating chips or cookies. I still do that every once in a while in the evenings, but a lot less. Our snacks now are mostly fruit, raisins, dates, or yogurt with chia seeds.

Mango with greek yogurt and chia seeds

Whew, that's about all I have. I try to keep some diversity in what I feed the kiddo. Usually, I make freezable foods in large batches that I can easily warm up and feed him without spending much time in the kitchen prior to his meals with the exception of dinner. Our kitchen is awkwardly located, so I would never be able to watch the kiddo while preparing meals, so I need to do something quick and easy. 

For more toddler recipes, be sure to stop by my healthy toddler meals page!

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