Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas crafts- busy bag activities for toddler

I made a few small Christmas felt activities for my son. Really, these are for next year, but we did practice with a few of them. They each took no more than half an hour to make individually. Some fifteen minutes! I am working on a quiet book for the kiddo with some more intricate and detailed work. These are nice however because I can just whip them up quickly and store them in a baggie for future use. The quiet book, on the other hand, requires meticulous attention to detail (because I'm obsessive about getting it perfect), and a sewing machine. 

With these activities, I focused on a few things: colours, shapes, and buttons. Let's have a look! 

The overview: 

Practicing with buttons: 

This was very easy to make. I attached a button to one end of a ribbon, and on the other end, I tied a knot. To hide it, I covered the knot with a piece of grey felt, which I shaped into a square and hot glued in place. The photo is a bit blurry, but here is what it looks like: 

Next, decorate the Christmas tree: The ornaments are different shapes so that munchkin can learn about them. Different colours, also. 

Without the 'ornaments'. Simply sew on the buttons, and cut out felt shapes to be the ornaments. I cut out the centre of the shapes so that they can be attached to the tree. 

Last one: match the gifts

A close up of a few

They all fit in Santa's bag 

The gifts consist of squares and rectangles, and are different colours. Again, focusing on colours and shapes. 
To make them,  I simply hot glued ribbons. Nothing fancy and no hand sewing. 

The bag took a little bit more work. I cut out two felt rectangles, and hot glued on three sides on the wrong side. I turned it right side out and cut holes for the ribbon. Thread the ribbon and tie a bow. 

I store these in individual little bagies so we don't lose the pieces. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for reading,