Thursday, 5 December 2013

Munchkin meals and holidays

It's already time for December's Munchkin Meals link up!

munchkin meals

Things have been hectic here - so many holidays for which to prepare. I've been pretty much ignoring blog land and focusing on family time, cooking, gifts, and other holiday craziness. I was born in Ukraine, and we have a lot of Russian traditions. My family moved to the US when I was a child, and then in my early twenties, I moved to the Netherlands, where my Dutch husband and I live. We have a very, very multicultural household. So, let's have a recap of the holidays my blended family celebrates November - January:

1. Thanksgiving
2. Hanukkah
3. Sinterklaas - Saint Nicholas day
4. Christmas
5. Russian New Year (basically, Christmas on New Years Day)

Oh my. Our kiddo, plus future kiddos, have a lot of gift giving/getting holidays in December. I mean, that's four holidays where gifts are exchanged. Ridiculous. This year, and probably all future years, we decided that we will be giving gifts to the kiddo on Sinterklaas and New Years day.  Christmas will probably be celebrated with a dinner at the in laws or at home. Hanukkah - we light candles, maybe give some chocolates, have a few traditional meals, and spend some quality family time together. I was also thinking of making a deposit into the munchkin's bank account, but it depends really on how things go financially for a while.

Today is Saint Nicholas day, and we have some fairly simple plans. Hubby has to work. Kids actually go to school today. I think that's kind of ridiculous. Can you imagine young children sitting through a day of school on Christmas day before coming home to open presents? Those poor teachers...

Anyway, we will have dinner together. Then there will be a mysterious knock on the door, and a bag of gifts will be dropped off by one of Saint Nicholas' helpers, called Zwarte Piet. Then gifts are opened.

As an aside -  the whole 'Zwarte Piet' thing actually seems a bit racist to me, as that is translated as 'black Pete', but the Dutch claim it's not racist.The reason that they are black is because they climb down chimneys to bring presents. We don't have a chimney, so the gifts will be left at our doorstep. All in all, I feel a bit weird about the whole zwarte piet thing. I will probably post separately about the traditions regarding the holidays we are celebrating.

So, with all the planning, celebrating, eating, I've been slacking with actually snapping photos even though we've been eating yummy food and doing fun things. Here's a small look into what the kiddo has been eating - simple food, that I can whip up quickly, as usual. Unfortunately, some of the photos turned out a bit poorly, so bear with me.


Oven baked egg with spinach

Muesli with greek yogurt 

Almond butter sandwich or toast



Squash and spinach cornbread muffin

Steamed veggies and chinese noodles 

He also gets an apple or banana for 'dessert' 


Squash and spinach lasagna 

Stir fry 

That's all for this month's link up. 

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