Monday, 16 December 2013

Simple holiday decorations (diy edition)

Here are some of the decorations we have around the house with a touch of DIY.

This arrangement is pretty self explanatory - everything held together with hot glue. It consists of some fresh pine tree branches, small ornaments, and acorns. On top of this, I put on a candle holder. Things like this are sold everywhere around here during the holidays and are pretty pricey, too, when they can be made at home pretty quickly.

I'm not sure what's going on with the angle here, but this simple Christmas tree looks very nice on our mantel. 

I made it using ribbon, card board, and a hot glue gun. I simply drew a triangle on a piece of card board, then cut strips of ribbon and laid it on the card board. Then, I glued the strips with a hot glue gun. It took about fifteen minutes to get this done.

Next, this is a bucket, some fake leaves, and a few ornaments. Inside the bucket is a foam filler to keep everything up high. 

This one, my mother in law made for us, and it's gorgeous! I loveeee how this looks in the evenings. She drilled pieces of wood together - time consuming.

Easy, easy, easy. Just hot glued a piece of ribbon to a candle. Love the look. 

This last one is not a DIY- but a lovely Santa that my mother in law got for us. I think it's pretty cute, and love his little sweater. 

That's all we have for now, and a Christmas tree is getting put up today. A bit late because we weren't too sure whether munchkin would keep away from it. 

Thanks for reading,