Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to fold a fitted sheet

1. Start by folding the sheet in half. Make sure to fold the corners into each other.


Light tuna salad

I made this for the munchkin and myself for lunch today: Tuna salad with pita bread!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yummy veggie-cakes

I made my munchkin some veggie-cakes. Instead of pancakes. I had some myself while cooking them up, and they are so tasty!

Toddler activities

I've been working on coming up with fun activities for the munchkin. I need activities that entertain him for extended periods of time. More than five minutes is amazing.

Today's activities include the following supplies:
1. Puddy of  some sort
2. Beads
3. Spaghetti

My plan was: stick pieces of spaghetti into the puddy, and have the munchkin string the beads onto the spaghetti. We didn't really succeed with doing that, but he had a blast playing, anyway.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Meal plan for the week

Here is what the hubs, munchkin, and I will be eating this week (in no particular order)

1. Dutch pea soup
2. Lasagna
3. Beet casserole
4. Left overs
5. Slow cooked meat of some sort with brussel sprouts or green beans and a salad on the side
6. Kofta with couscous

One day is also reserved for my husband to choose. He usually cooks on Sundays and even if I have a meal plan, he doesn't cook from it. I usually plan the meals on Thursdays or Fridays, so he would still have several options as we do not plan per day. He still doesn't like to do that, and instead likes to get creative. Thus, one day is left open.

That's it for the week! Thank you for reading, 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dino hat

I finished knitting this wonderful dino hat for my munchkin! It took me about two weeks to knit because I would only knit during convenient breaks and would only get a chance to knit a row or two at a time.


I ended up changing the pattern a bit to make it big enough. It's now a bit big on the kiddo which means he may even be able to wear it next winter. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Healthy Muffins Recipe: Beet muffins

Today was an off day. We ran out of decaf coffee, which made the everything feel wrong from the morning on. I've been tired - munchkin has been waking up frequently during the night so we've been cosleeping. Oddly enough, last night, he slept through the night in his own bed for the first time in several weeks. He was also up at about six am. So after spending the morning like a zombie, I had a sudden burst of energy, which lasted exactly enough to bake these for the munchkin before crashing my energy supply again. I'm really starting to miss caffeine. A lot. As much as I love being able to nurse my kiddo, I am almost starting to feel ready to have my body back.

Anyway, I made these 'muffins'. I actually burnt the ones in the muffin tin, and then put the extra batter to bake just on a piece of aluminum foil. I guess they are 'muffin tops'.


Easy stir fry dinner

I made this simple stir fry a few nights ago, and it was delicious! It's fairly healthy depending on your feelings about soy. I also ran out of brown rice, so we used white rice, but brown rice, or even quinoa would certainly make it much healthier. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Healthy Muffins Recipe: Kale and carrot muffins

Healthy Muffins Recipe: Kale and carrot muffins
Munchkin doesn't like to eat leafy greens. If I give him salad leaves, they are generously given to the hardwood floors. If I want him to eat spinach or kale, I need to get creative. I usually hide them in pancakes, omelets, or muffins. It's really important to me that everything or nearly everything the Toddler eats contains nutrients and vitamins that are essential to his growth and development. That's why I love healthy muffins recipes. They are both convenient and filled with vitamins!

Today, I made these lovely kale and carrot muffins for the munchkin today, and they turned out wonderfully! I finally picked up some more whole wheat and buckwheat flour yesterday so I was able to get back to baking. Not only am I pleased with how these turned out, munchkin loooved them!

Welcome to Mommyhood:Healthy Muffins Recipe: Kale and carrot muffins

Healthy Soup Recipe: Russian Borsch or beet soup

Healthy Soup Recipe - Russian Borscht
One of my favourite recipes is Russian beet soup, or borsch. I love that it's a healthy soup recipe. I love that it's stuffed with veggies. I love that it bursts with flavor from all of the delicious ingredients. I also love the nostalgic feeling I get everytime I prepare it. In one bite, this soup takes me back to my childhood in Ukraine. I remember the hills, the warm summers, the beautiful weather.

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy soup recipe Borscht #paleo, #whole30

This recipe was a hit with my husband the first time he had it, and he asks me to make it constantly. This is a basic comfort food for us and a recurring recipe. It's so filling that this is a meal in itself, and you definitely won't need to eat something else with it. It's scrumptious. I promise, you'll love it! 

Here is our healthy soup recipe for the day: Russian Borsch


So, so many. This portion will make enough for two adults to eat three meals from. Each time we make this soup, I have enough for my husband and I to eat dinner, lunch, and freeze some for a quick dinner.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Easy, educational toddler activity

I've been slacking in teaching my munchkin to talk. We read a lot, but with all of the languages that the kiddo is exposed to, I think it's really important to practice Russian, his main language at home, and make sure that he is learning new words. Although he can say a few, I am making it a point to practice language more routinely. The pediatrician did tell us that he may seem to lag in language skills until he's a bit older because he will be taught multiple languages at home, instead of just one. That is - he will be learning words from both languages, which will make it seem like he speaks two languages poorly rather than one very well. If that makes sense. However, I really want to try to make it easier for him, and to expose him to as many words as possible. 

So to work on this... 

About a year ago, I went to Ukraine and picked up several educational, reading activities and books for my then soon to be born kiddo. I'm starting to bring these out now. Today, I took out a bunch of puzzle pieces. They are pictures of various items that fit into the corresponding letter with which they start.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Toddler blanket

I made this blanket for my son last year, and brought it out for the first time this year today. It was very easy to make and turned out huge!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Meal plans for the week

This is what I plan/hope to cook next week. Hopefully, we get some tasty recipes because I plan to experiment a bit.

This is what we will be eating Friday (tomorrow)-Thursday (next week).

1. Slow cooked pork with a beet casserole (kind of a casserole. It will consist of onion, bacon, beets, with a potato and celeriac mash on top.)
2. Cauliflower mash with sausages or a roasted chicken. Salad on the side
3. Cabbage stir fry
4. Pasta with broccoli and cauliflower
5. Pesto pasta with mozzarella
6. Dutch, pea soup

That's all, thanks for visiting! 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Munchkin meals

I'm really excited to be linking up with Brittany from A healthy slice of life to post my Munchkin's meals today. 

munchkin meals

Breakfasts are usually pretty small, but the past few weeks, the kiddo has been eating a lot in the mornings. Today, he had oven baked scramble eggs, tomatoes, and berries. He ended up eating all three egg 'muffins' and all of the berries. I doubt that even one slice of tomato ended up in his mouth. I don't know why, but lately he has been refusing certain foods that used to be gobbled up easily. I guess his tastes are changing. 

The eggs were very easy to make, which is always a necessity for breakfast time. I made the eggs as I would an omelette with some extra ingredients: 

1. Two eggs
2. A little bit of milk
3. Grated cheese
4. A little bit of green onion
5. A handful of kale 

I mixed them together and put them in the oven on 180 degrees Celsius/350 degrees Fahrenheit for about ten to fifteen minutes. Easy, and toddler approved. 

Other breakfast favourite are:
2. Fruit salads
4. Oatmeal, oatmeal cookies
5. Sweet potato pancakes

Lunch consisted of cucumber slices (organic, from my mother in law's garden!) and a quinoa salad consisting of roasted sweet potato, white potato, some white beans, and a bit of quinoa. The cucumber was a big hit for the first time. I had given it to him several times, but today was the first that he really enjoyed it and wanted more. The quinoa and sweet potatoes was a bit less successful. He still ate his entire portion, but he wasn't as into it as usual. 

Other lunch meals are: 
2. Any kind of steamed veggie, but especially carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower
3. Sweet potato fries
4. Quesadillas (with cheese, beans, and whatever else we feel like adding) 

Dinner was a bit of an experiment - pumpkin and chicken dumplings. I used whole wheat flour, but I would have preferred buckwheat flour. The dough could have been rolled out better - we recently threw away the rolling pins we had and still haven't replaced them so I used a glass. It didn't go that well. But overall, they turned out pretty well. 

Dinners have been a bit off lately. Normally we give the kiddo whatever we eat, but at our last pediatrician's visit, they suggested giving him sandwiches for dinner, and his 'warm meal' for lunch. (We live in the Netherlands). The kiddo had some trouble falling asleep until he would have his last poo, which was at around 9 pm. Bed time being at 7 or 7.30 pm, used to be a nightmare because he just refused to sleep. Giving the kiddo a sandwich for dinner was the doctor's suggestion.This is very Dutch - they eat bread for breakfast and lunch and then have one warm meal in the evenings. Sandwiches consist of butter with chocolate sprinkles or peanut butter for breakfast, and bread with thinly sliced cheese or a piece of lunch meat. Maybe they eat some fruit with one of those meals.

I'm not used to this type of menu, and I didn't feel comfortable jut giving the kiddo bread for dinner. Instead, we offered him bread with almond butter or avocado or cheese, along with a protein. Apple or banana for dessert. Bedtimes have been much easier, so I'm going to reintroduce veggies that are light on the tummy with dinner. Tonight will actually be the first time, so I'm a bit anxious to see how it will go. 

Munchkin typically gets dessert with every meal which is always a piece of fruit. He gets snacks, such as raisins, dates, rice crackers, fruit, or veggies during the day, but usually doesn't want too much. He still nurses about six to eight times a day (crazy!) and is not ready to stop any time soon. I'm ok with this as I work from home and it's certainly easy. We've started increasing the milk we offer him - cow's or goat's milk, but this gives him a bit of diarrhea so I will address it at our next pediatrician's appointment. He either gets milk or water with each meal, and extra water throughout the day. 

I think that's all!

Thanks for visiting, 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Healthy pancakes recipe: kale pancakes

Healthy pancake recipe
Munchkin has a new breakfast and lunch favourite - spinach and kale pancakes. I initially made these healthy pancakes to be a baby/toddler food, but I have to admit - I love them, too and helped myself to several as I was frying them. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Healthy pancakes recipe for Kale pancakes

Healthy pancake recipe for kale pancakes

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Toddler activity - indoor chalk

I got this little wall decoration that we had in storage and let the munchkin go to town scribbling on it.