Friday, 31 January 2014

Easy breakfast - veggie loaded egg scramble

Breakfast is a very difficult meal around here. Munchkin is clingy, but hungry, I'm tired... this is an easy one that I can whip up with little effort. But it is sooo good, and equally as good for you!


1. One green onion
2. A handful of squash (chopped small)
3. A handful of peas
4. Two mushrooms 
5. Two to three eggs 
6. A small bowl of frozen spinach (handful of fresh) or kale! mmm
7. Salt, pepper 
8. Bonus flavah - half a handful of parlsey

*I'm sorry for the crazy measurements - handfuls of everything - but I never measure what I throw in my eggs because it's always based on what I'm in the mood for and how much. 


1. Pan fry veggies (I use a non-stick pan, and a very tiny amount of coconut oil
2. In a bowl, whisk eggs together
3. Pour eggs over veggies 
4. Take a wooden spoon and mix the eggs until you get the scramble consistency 

Done! Easy! It takes about ten minutes from start to finish. I love how versatile this is - you can add any veggies that you want and get a delicious result! This is so loaded with veggies, it's wonderful! Munchkin likes it.  

This can also be a paleo meal if you don't eat it with a piece of toast. I do sometimes, always with a whole wheat bread. You can add milk to the eggs to make it a bit creamier, but I honestly, don't taste the difference without it.  There are so many veggies and lovely ingredients in the scramble, that it's just not necessary. A healthy option that you could serve the scramble with is - avocado! 

I usually make a pretty large batch (double the above), share with the kiddo, and save some for lunch. Sometimes I will eat it with Tabasco, or would fry a chili with the eggs. However, munchkin isn't a fan of spicy, so for now, I'm skipping the heat. 

Thank you for reading,