Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Toddler clothing haul

After a trip to the city yesterday, I picked up a few sale items for the kiddo - I spent a total of 9.50 (euro) for two pairs of shorts, one pair of thermal pants, and two packages of socks. 

Here's a short run-down of what I purchased: 
1. Navy shorts - 3 euro
2. Camo shorts - 2.50 euro
3. Thermal pants - 1 euro
4. Package of 5 socks - 2 euro 
5. Package of 2 thick socks - 1 euro 

Pretty cheap! I'm glad I found the shorts because we were a bit unprepared last summer - the weather here was pretty cold until July, so a lot of the summer clothing we had purchased was already small by the time it got warm here. I was expecting the summer season to be done by August because I tend to find it a bit chilly here. Anyway, I'm determined to be prepared this summer, but I hate buying in season clothing because it's always overpriced. I was quite glad when I went to an outlet to find these shorts, and I've picked up a few other items during the end of season sale in August/September last year. 

Munchkin also needed a few more socks and thermal pants. Now, I really need to find some nice shoes for him, but that's a lot more difficult. 

Thanks for reading,