Monday, 17 February 2014

Learning letters - Учим буквы

I mentioned last week that we are working on learning letters and sounds around here. Kiddo has been saying 'g' quite a bit recently. I started using weights when working out (the Russian word for weight starts with the letter g - ganteli). Kiddo was really interested in them, and tried to repeat the word after me. Since then, he's been saying 'g, g, g' constantly. 

Okay, we can work with that! I'm not trying to get him to read yet. I mean, he's a year and a half old, it's too soon, but I do want to get him familiar with letters. 

So, I got him working on a few activities involving the letter 'g'. I made a few with both latin and cyrillic script, trying to incorporate activities that the kiddo already loves to do. Some of the munchkin's absolute favourite toys are his cars. He will make this 'brroooom' noise as he drives them all over his little road rug. 

So, I quickly made up a road in the shape of a letter g in a word document. 



This is pretty easy, and took about five minutes to make. It's not a very brilliant concept or anything, but it was a success around here. I was glad that I was able to combine an educational activity with a game/toy that the kiddo already loves. Although this paper road is fun for now, as we continue to learn our letters, I think I will buy a bunch of black felt and make a larger scale letter road. 

Thanks for reading,