Sunday, 16 February 2014

Meal Plan

It's time for another meal plan of the week. This really should be meal plan Monday, but I wanted to get a bit of a head start on organisation this week - so this is going to be up early! Meal Plan Monday:  Sunday. Again, I'm linking up with Laura at I'm an organizing junkie!

 Meal Plan Monday at I'm an organizing junkie

I've tried to add a few new things to our menu, but we're still going to be eating a lot of soups, salads, and some boring protein + veg meals. I've been really working on fitness this past week, which I will definitely be carrying over. Plus, plus plus: Our dead oven has a replacement! Actually, our dead oven's replacement isn't here yet, but should be on Tuesday which means  - I am so baking. I. Can. Not. Wait. It's only been about two weeks since we've had to say goodbye, but I've been missing it so badly. New oven is certainly making an appearance this week. 

Meal plan


1. Spinach and pea pancakes with eggs
2. Sweet potato and apple oatmeal (inspiration from: Giselle at My Healthy, Happy Home
3. Smoothies 
4. Squash, zucchini, and sweet potato egg bars


1. Salmon and some salad
2. Bean salad 
3. Chickpea nuggets (still haven't gotten around to making these!) 
4. Left overs 


1. Beet and leek soup with oven roasted ham and lentils
2. Spinach soup with a chicory salad and  leftover ham
3. Wraps (something in spinach) 
4. Stir fry with sweet potato noodles
5. Left overs/whatever we feel like having
6. Eating out - Hubs and I will be celebrating our five year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been five years! We're going out sans kiddo, which is also a first for us... I'm a bit nervous. 


1. Black bean brownies (I've been these all over pinterest for a while, can't wait for the new oven to arrive! Not sure how I'll prepare them as I usually can't manage to follow a recipe)
2. Apple pie cookies 

That's all I have for this week. I'm not too sure if we'll stick to it, it depends on how many left overs we have. We're going to have a pretty busy week as I'm planning to start on our spring cleaning, date night, visiting friends, and a few other plans so we'll have to see how cooking goes. Maybe a freezer meal may have to make an appearance.  

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