Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Not your average latkes!

Another recipe that is toddler approved! 

Carrot and zucchini latkes


1. One onion (grated) 
2. 2/3 Zucchini 
3. 1 carrot
4. Coconut oil 
5. Salt and pepper
6. 1 egg


1. Grate veggies 
2. Squeeze liquid out of veggies and drain
3. Then mix veggies, egg, and salt and pepper to taste
4. Heat a nonstick pan and add a little bit of coconut oil if necessary 
5.Form latkes in your hand (press the veggies firmly together)
6. Pan fry - I fry for about six - eight minutes on medium-high heat on one side. I covered the pan. Then flip and do the same.

Done! This was a hit for all of us here! It's a nice alternative to potato latkes, which my husband finds boring. These definitely contain more flavour! 

Thanks for reading,