Monday, 3 February 2014

Toddler clothing and shoes haul

Two pairs of Clark's shoes! These are so nice - very flexible sole, and munchkin looves them. When we brought the shoes home, he took them out of the bag and tried to putting them on. I really like them, as well. The smaller ones (on the right) are a size 22 (6 US, 5 UK). The larger ones a size 22.5 (size 7 US and 6 UK). I wanted the boots a little bigger so I could put some thick socks on his feet (it's pretty cold now), and he can wear them out and about. Plus, the spring lasts a very long time around here, so we are probably not going to get into sandals weather until about June or July. Hopefully, these shoes will get lots of wear.

I love Clark's - they are normally pretty pricey, or at least more than I want to pay for kiddie shoes which munchkin will grow out of within a few months. However, these are really good quality shoes, and fit my requirements for kiddo's shoes. I had been searching for some shoes for the kiddo for about a month, and haven't been able to find any with flexible sole that was within our price range. These shoes normally cost €60 or $80. I found both pairs at an outlet store (Scapino outlet) - they were 80 percent off. I bought both pairs for 23 euro! It was such a steal! 

Now, while we are on the topic of shoes. I found and really like some sneakers from Le Coq Sportif. I really like this brand. I found some for about €25 euro and others up to €40 ($35 to $50), but the sole was not as flexible as I would have wanted for the kiddo at this age. However, they are so nice and warm - lined, and very cute. If I can find some at the outlet, I will pick some up for next year. Here are some examples: 

See, nice and warm! But not in brown. 

Two pairs of jeans: 

These have an adjustable waist, so I can roll them up and tighten the waist in order to get more wear out of them. Yes, he grows fast. I like for him to wear his clothes for as long as possible. These jeans are a 2T, but are still quite big on the kiddo. He wears 2T in shirts/pjs, but his legs are short. These jeans cost €3.60 each or $4.80. These were from the same store as above. 

I also picked up a winter coat for next year: 

It's huge. It's a size 4T. It's a bit silly, but I really like him to wear larger coats. We spend so much time outside - so much! It's really important to have his back covered, which is why I wanted a larger sized coat. 

Plus, the back is slightly longer than the front. 

This one is lined with fleece.

I like how this part covers his neck. We'll still use a scarf, but it's extra warmth.

I love the details (the pockets on the sleeve, and the patch). 

I also really like how the sleeve is pinched here. He can keep his arms warm and dry. If we manage to get snow next year, then the snow won't just fall into his sleeve. 

This coat cost - dum dum dum - €9 or $12. Amazing! 

And lastly - a fall/spring leather jacket

This was also on sale for €15 or $20.

That's all for now. I'm starting to build up munchkin's clothing stash for next year/next season/his next size (2T - 3T depending on the article). Because winter clothing/shoes are on sale  now, we can get really good deals. Last year, I also bought a winter coat for him. We save a lot of money like that, which is especially nice for now as the kiddo doesn't care if he is wearing clothing in the newest style, but hubs and I care if we can save a bit. 

Thanks for reading!