Thursday, 13 February 2014

Weekly Warp up: Learning letters

Hello again! Thank you for stopping by for something a little new around here - I'm finally updating on some toddler activities! When I first set up this blog, I intended to post about activities/projects that I do with the kiddo, but have focused more on recipes and meals. Now, I'm excited to share an activity that we've been working on to learn letters, shapes, and colours!

Mr Monster wants to eat his letters! 

This guy is going to be my contribution to the Weekly wrap up hosted by Kris at Weird, Unsocialised Homeschoolers.

 Weekly wrap up

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Learning letters

Now, let's get down to business! Let's talk letters and language! My son is being raised in a bilingual/trilingual home. Crazy right? I was born in Ukraine, but my mother language is Russian. My husband is Dutch, but lives in a region with its own language. His mother tongue is Friesian. So I speak Russian to the kiddo, and hubby speaks Friesian. Then, we speak in English to each other, and work/shopping/education is all in Dutch. Wow! So many languages! Because of the sheer quantity of languages that the kiddo is exposed to, we find it imperative to be consistent. 

And we are. Very, very consistent, but kiddo isn't talking too much even though he understands what both hubs and I say to him. Kiddo is 18 months old at the moment and can say about ten words. Even though our pediatrician assures us that he's not behind yet and there's no need to be worried, I still am. I'm nervous for a speech delay, and have been focusing on teaching him words, letters, sounds - basically we've been working a lot of speech. 

This little guy is what who we've been using to learn our colours, shapes, and letters:

Felt monster

Kiddo looooves this dude! He was really easy to make - just a shoe box (with a lid) covered in felt, and hot glued in place. He was inspired by Living Life and Learning.

I made several facial features in different shapes and colors: 

These have velcro on the back so that kiddo can stick them on. He also has arms/antenna made from pipe cleaners.

A set of Russian letters 

A bunch of shapes and colours

The absolute highlight of this week was kiddo's facial expression when I showed him this guy, all finished, to be fed his letters and shapes! He gave an excited giggle, ran up to Mr Monster, tore off all of the facial features and starting putting in the letters. As he fed the monster the letters, I explained the sound each makes, and gave examples of words that start with that letter. Not only can we work on speech, but kiddo can also practice his motor skills! 

Every morning this week, kiddo would go for the monster first thing in the morning. Without fail! I love that this is such an educational activity, but kiddo sees it as just a fun game! 

I feel like this activity has been going really well, and has actually been helping out with kiddo's speech, and he began saying some new words/sounds! I'm really proud of him! I'm definitely going to be putting more work into learning words/speech. Do you have any suggestions? Ideas that have been successful? I would love to get some new tips to try! 

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Valentines Day!