Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What I ate Wednesday

It's that time again! I am participating in the What I Ate Wednesday link up, hosted by Peas and Crayons.

Peas and Crayons

We have been loving spinach. Rather, I should say, I have been loving spinach and have been forcing my family to eat it with pretty much every meal this week. The meals I am sharing today are no different - lots of veggies, lots o spinach. 

Here are the kiddo and my eats for the day (from Tuesday): 


Breakfast was pretty easy - I made healthy egg salad sandwiches, and I finally got the kiddo to eat spinach! Can I just repeat that: I got the kiddo to eat spinach. I am shocked. He didn't pick apart his sandwich, he simply ate it! There was no spinach on the floor. Zero. Major victory! 

Egg salad sandwich

Avocado, hard boiled egg, coriander, lemon juice, pepper and spinach on whole wheat bread


Deconstructed sweet potato and beet 'latkes' served on lentils

Close up (I had mine with some spinach and arugula)

Toddler portion deconstructed latkes


I made spinach and bean soup for dinner, and served it with some chicken strips (not pictured). Kiddo ate a whole piece of chicken on his own. He is definitely a meat lover.

I also really liked how this soup turned out even though it was a spur of the moment experiment. I was planning on making spinach and pea soup, thought up a recipe, and got really excited. Then, I went to my freezer, and poof! No peas. But, I did have some celeriac, and I had celery and leeks in the fridge. I used those instead, threw in some spices, and the spinach and beans I already had planned on using. This was the result:

Spinach and bean soup

Next time I make this soup though, I will use peas as well or instead of something because I want it a bit creamier/thicker. I also used fresh spinach, and I think that frozen may provide a smoother texture if you prefer that. 


My new favourite tea - fenugreek and fennel tea!

Psst - if you are nursing, this tea is really good for milk production. We also drank a lot of water as usual. 


This has been boring around here, especially because our oven died. Desserts and snacks tend to be fruit. Yesterday, kiddo and I had: mandarins, apples, a banana, grapefruit, and grapes. We love fruit.

I'm also pretty proud that I have managed to cut back on my snacking quite a bit as part of my attempt to get fit again. I used to eat a lot of snacks instead of meals, which would leave me hungry, and lacking nutrients because I would choose convenient, and unhealthy options like chips over preparing a filling meal. 

Kiddo also had some greek yogurt with some muesli as a dessert after dinner. We try to give him some dairy in forms other than milk because he still doesn't like it. He is still nursing, so I don't mind too much that he doesn't drink cow's milk, and I'm not sure how I feel about other kinds of milk. Our pediatrician is happy with how he's eating/drinking so I'm not worried, just unsure of what we'll do once he stops nursing. 

That's all for this week's What I Ate Wednesday! Thank you for reading!