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List it Tuesday - My spring cleaning list

Welcome to Mommyhood: Spring cleaning list

It's already March! I've been meaning to get around to organising my home and making a sort of spring cleaning list since January really, but ... There are so many other things to do and my husband and I have so many plans for the rest of this year. For instance: we are hoping *eeek* to move soon-ish and are in the process of negotiating a price on our dream home. Well, I should say, it's a dream plot of land and garage. The house itself is in a terrible state and we will have to fix it up, but the amount of land and water access would be amazing. This is especially awesome considering how rare it is here in Holland, or at least how rare it is for a reasonable price. My long winded point is that if we do end up getting the house, I need to have some preparations for moving done by having everything organised much better than it is now. It'll make our lives much easier regardless of whether or not we do actually get our home. 

Therefore, I am getting my tush into gear and going ahead with organising my home and giving a good, thorough clean. I made a spring cleaning (and organising) list, which I am hoping to accomplish by doing one room a week. I don't want to be overwhelmed, and we are still in the process of negotiating everything regarding this house - a price, mortgage, construction plans, etc. My spring cleaning list isn't an exhaustive one, but it's something that I think will work in my home. At least I hope it will. We need to get a better organisational system for a lot of aspects of running our house in general, especially paperwork organisation, our family binder, crafts/tot school supplies, and our pantry. I'm hoping to achieve this result as I work on specific rooms and areas of our home, which will hopefully result in a tidy, organised household.

Here are my Spring cleaning/organising goals:

Hubs and my bedroom

  • Organise our clothing and shoes. Figure out what to donate, toss, put away seasonal clothes. 
  • Wash windows
  • Open windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Dust lamps 
  • Clean mattress. Put baking soda on it, let sit, then vacuum it up.

Toddler room

  • Clothes. The kiddo's baby clothes need to be put away, organised by size, gender neutral clothing separated from boys clothing, and stored properly, not just in suitcases. Storage is a problem around here, which is why they have been living in suitcases, but I will be organising them into plastic bins. 
  • Wash windows
  • Open windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Dust lamps
  • Wash crib and changing table 
  • Clean mattress. Put baking soda on it, let sit, then vacuum it up.

Living room

  • Wash walls. Remove photos from walls and wipe/dust frames.
  • Wash windows
  • Open windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Vacuum. Sprinkle baking soda, let sit, vacuum it up 
  • Wash couches 
  • Organise TV stand. Take everything out of the drawers, decide what to donate/throw away. Wash drawers. Put everything back in. 
  • Dust/wipe down electronics, mantel, light fixtures
  • Organise the kiddo's toys

Dining room

  • Wash windows 
  • Open windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Wash dining room table
  • Clean hutch - take out all plates, glasses, everything from shelves. Clean shelves. Put everything back. 
  • Clean all light fixtures, surfaces
  • Mop floors


  • Wash windows
  • Open windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Organise spices! Put them in jars. 
  • Organise pantry. Put beans, pastas, rice, etc in jars. 
  • Clean cabinets. take out all plates, glasses, everything from shelves. Clean shelves. Put everything back. Clean outside of cabinets.
  • Clean out fridge, and freezer. Wipe down everything. Move fridge (with the help of the husband) and mop floor. 
  • Clean oven 
  • Clean sink
  • Clean counter tops
  • Clean stove top
  • Wash windows and walls
  • Clean dishwasher (we don't have one) 
  • Clean washing machine (yep this is in the kitchen.)
  • Mop floors


  • Clean toilet
  • Clean and organise shower. Get rid of old lotions, shampoos, etc 
  • Clean floors 
  • Clean walls 
  • Clean sink


  • Clean entryway hallway 
  • Dust entryway 
  • Clean walls in entryway
  • Mop entryway
  • Clean stroller. Wash all removable parts (trey, insert). Scrub all non removable parts. 
  • Clean the car. Take out all of the unnecessary things that are laying in it. Vacuum seats and floor. Wash all surfaces inside. Wash outside of car. 
  • Organise tot school supplies/plans
  • Organise blogland plans 
  • Remake family binder
  • Paperwork. Oh my! This is a huge problem for us. Important papers tend to be thrown into an 'important paper pile' and tend to be lost or forgotten. 
Another point on paperwork. My husband and I are getting a lot of affairs in order. There were a few documents that we were waiting to get done because of my immigration status. I recently got a new verblijfsdocument (Dutch equivalent of a green card/permanent residence card), which upgraded my status in a way. 

Anyway, now that I have a more permanent card, we are also going to change my health insurance, add me to my husband's pension plan at work, get both my husband and I life insurance, and we are going to make wills. Spring cleaning = spring organization here, and we are taking care of everything in one go. We've been talking about getting wills set up since I was pregnant with my son, but that task seems incredibly daunting. Plus, we are only 25 and 26. It's weird  daunting to think about what would happen if we both/either one of us passes away, but we really need to do this if only to specify who we want taking care of our child incase something happens to both of us. Writing down that we still need to do this makes me feel really... not mature and organized. It feels like these things should have been taken care of ages ago, but I guess my immigration status took priority and everything else didn't seem as imperative to figure out. Now, we have to do it! 

I am thinking that all of this is do-able, evil paperwork and all (we don't like paperwork). I also hope to keep all of extras that I'll need to buy (bins for storing/organising clothing, toys, extras) will cost under twenty euro or about 28 US dollars. 

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Here is a printable Spring Cleaning List

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