Sunday, 2 March 2014

Meal Plan Monday - easy, healthy meals

It's Monday again! The weekend flew by and Hubs and I made a few preparations for a huge change that is going to happen (hopefully) soon. Our meals and cooking will be really affected, which will mean - more convenience foods in the form of freezing easy, healthy meals that we already enjoy.  

For now, this meal plan involves a few new items while I still have the time for it. 


1. Egg and spinach sandwiches

easy, healthy meals avocado and spinach sandwich

2. Smoothies
3. Oatmeal
4. Hard boiled eggs


1. St Patty's Day Hummus with veggies

St Patrick's Day recipes: hummus

2. Deconstructed latkes

 Easy, healthy meals deconstructed latkes with lentils

3. Soup of some sort 
4. Left overs from dinner


1. Chili (freezer meal!) 

Easy, healthy meals: Chili photo

2.  Carrot and sweet potato soup with a protein on the side (another freezer meal making an appearance) 

Easy, healthy meals Carrot sweet potato soup

3. Oven baked salmon with salad or steamed veggies
4. Stir fry
5. Pasta with a homemade veggie sauce
6. Leftovers
7. Steak and asparagus and bak choy 


1. Coconut black bean brownies

Easy, healthy meals Black Bean Brownies

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