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Meal Plan Monday - the one where we stop eating take out

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We've been eating poorly. Really, really poorly. And then the Husband and I went grocery shopping together and indulged in every single craving that we had. Processed muffins, crisps, whatever it was, it was purchased. 

I guess my decision to get rid of all snack-y foods was a failure. We're going to get back to clean eating this week though! I'm done with take out, unhealthy, processed snacks, and feeling sluggish and bloated. I'm not even sure why we suddenly started eating so much take out because we always have so much fresh produce because of the market. 

This week, we are getting back on track to sticking to healthy family friendly meal plans. We're eating home cooked foods everyday this week. I'm also going to use my self control and not eat any of the junk food that we still have on hand, in favour of the ridiculous amounts of greens we picked up at the market. Seriously, if you look inside of our fridge, you can't see beyond the bunches of fresh spinach, romaine, butter lettuce, and arugula. Yum! 

On a side note, I've complained so many times that the toddler won't eat fresh greens. Well, my husband is a miracle worker and actually got the Toddler to eat fresh spinach and arugula. Not cooked or hidden in something. Straight up spinach leaves. Just another reason to love the guy! 

Anyway, here's what I plan to be eating this week: 


1. Green smoothies
2. Oven baked oatmeal 
3. Green scrambled eggs
4. Greek yogurt, almond milk, and fruit salad 
5. More Green pancakes coming out of the freezer stash

Welcome to Mommyhood: Healthy family recipes Green pancakes with avocado hummus and chives


1. Left overs
2. Healthy tuna salad in lettuce wraps 
3. Salads
4. Smashed sweet potato, and grilled veggies 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Healthy family recipes: Smashed sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables

5. Healthy mac and cheese with green veggies 


Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy soup recipe Borscht

2. Green mashed potatoes, a roast, and a salad 
3. Black bean soup (freezer meal!) 
4. Leftovers 
5. Fava beans, salad, black bean burgers or chicken burgers 
6. Leftovers/grab night
7. Husband cooks night

Bonus: Homemade calzones or pizza (if I'm feeling ambitious). I really hope to get around to making these because a) they are sooooo good, b) make excellent freezer meals and c) are great for satisfying a junk food craving while remaining healthy. 

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