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Toddler activities - Dinosaur theme (Tot school week 3)

Toddler Activities - Dinosaur Theme
This week was hectic. Really, really hectic. We did do quite a few tot school activities in spite of having to do house buying related stuff two days of the week, both of which involved two hours of train/traveling time. I am proud of what we accomplished, but I do think I should have chosen a transportation or train unit this week, instead of dinosaurs. Oh well - we had fun and learned a few things, so that's all that matters, right? 

This week, we focused on recognising the letter D, played in a few sensory bins, and read a lot of books. The Toddler seemed to be less interested in reading the past few weeks, so I was really pleased when during what should have been his free play time on Wednesday, he continuously brought me books to read to him. Here's a closer look at our week: 

Toddler Activities - Dinosaur theme

Sensory activities

The first activity we did was digging for the letter D in some macaroni: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter D sensory bin

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter D sensory bin

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter D sensory bin

The toddler loved playing in the dried pasta, and feeling all of the different textures of the letters. This was a really educational activity - we talked about the different colours of the letters, the different sizes, and practiced counting! 

We also set up another dinosaur sensory bin. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: dinosaur sensory play

Welcome to Mommyhood: dinosaur sensory play

This time, we only used flour and cocoa to make our homemade dirt so that we could save it for later use as well. I also added some moss and dinosaur eggs (chickpeas). We actually left it out all day, which proved to be a really good thing because the Toddler decided that 1 in the morning was playtime and that this bin was absolutely awesome. 

I really liked how easy this was given how busy we were with moving preparations. I made this Tuesday morning, we played with it for a while, and then had to make the journey to the new house by first walking to the train station, taking the train, meeting my husband at his work, and then we drove together to the new house. Ahhh, the joys of being a one car household. The Toddler was actually really, really well behaved and loved our adventure. We looked outside of the window, and talked about all of the animals, trees, and houses that we saw! 

Letter recognition activities: D is for Dino! 

We continued on with letter recognition activities, and practiced some letter D art. This was less successfully received.  

Welcome to Mommyhood: dot marker activity

Letter D stamping activity - the Toddler was moderately amused by it at first, but got annoyed with it pretty quickly. He asked me to draw instead. 

We also continued to practice gluing and tried to make our own letter D dinosaur: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter d dinosaur

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter d dinosaur

As you can see, he was more interested in drawing than gluing. He actually really likes the glue stick, but still uses it more as a paint brush - he likes to cover the paper in glue, but not to stick other pieces of paper on the glue. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: letter d dinosaur

I finished the Dinosaur for him. I thought it was fun at least! 

We continued to talk about letters and letter recognition with our Russian felt board! He really, really likes this! The Toddler will take the letters from the board, bring them to me, and wait for me to tell him what sound they make. I'm really excited about this one! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: felt board


On Saturday, Hubby went to work on his hobby, and I thought I would catch up on some extra Dinosaur activities. Instead we made homemade spinach pizza dough. 
Welcome to Mommyhood: making spinach pizza dough

The Toddler loved measuring our ingredients and pouring them into the mixing bowl. 
Welcome to Mommyhood: making spinach pizza dough

He loved stirring, too. While he stirred, we also got a chance to talk about the colours that we were mixing together - green and white. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: making spinach pizza dough

He was mystified by the process of turning the liquid and powder (flour) into a solid and seeing the final result: Spinach pizza dough

Welcome to Mommyhood: spinach pizza dough

It looks like homemade playdough. The Toddler did get a few small pieces to roll out and play with, so it basically was homemade playdough. 

That's all for our week! In between all of that, we are continuing with that whole moving/house buying/construction-remodeling thing and oh my! Hubs and I are feeling the stress, but we are so excited about getting a bigger house! We keep reminding ourselves that it's worth it throughout all of this (we are buying a fixer upper home and are trying to do the fixing and upping ourselves), but it's a lot! 

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