Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tot school Week 1 at 18 months old

We survived our first week of tot school! I've already learned a lot about the way I function, and how my child learns. I have to say, I set out with a clear plan of what I wanted to accomplish this past week, but really, I was overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. Afteral, there are so many resources out there, so many ways to teach, so many ways to learn, and so many activities that the Toddler enjoys. Overwhelming is an understatement.

I made a curriculum for our first week, but we veered off track the very first day, and didn't really get back on track at all. We did however have fun with a lot of new activities, and we had a blast enjoying unusually beautiful weather outside.

Here's a closer look at our week:

Our first day was rough. First of all, I used to think that I spend a pretty large portion of my day playing with the kiddo, or doing various activities. I mean, I was pretty out of it in January and I was severely slacking on pretty much all of my SAHM tasks, but I've been making so much progress... Well, Monday I realised just how little actual progress I had made.

I find it incredibly difficult to just sit down and focus on playing with the kiddo. Monday, I was constantly thinking about the next load of laundry, what I needed to clean, or even the next activity to set up for the kiddo. What I learned was that I need to stop.  I needed to focus on the Toddler and shut out everything else from my mind in order to simply enjoy what we were doing.

Monday night I decided I needed to focus more on the kiddo the next day, but to try to the curriculum again. Well, Tuesday, we yet again veered away from the specific tasks I had thought up.

It was a gorgeous day so we took his little bicycle, and a soccer ball, and went to the park. There were birds there, and we enjoyed counting them, chasing the Toddler's ball, and people watching.

By Wednesday, I had given up any hope of actually following the activities I had planned. I didn't even look at the curriculum after Tuesday, but I did manage to sit down and just play. We actually got some sort of tot school done!

I made felt coloured 'garages' for the Toddler's cars during the weekend. We got them out, along with a small rug where we played with his cars, then matched them to the garages. Then, we got out a few other toys which we played with in between the cars.

On Thursday, we continued with talking about colours, and also got out some dinosaur toys and crafts. We put together some foam puzzles, while talking about the colours of each piece. We also talked about colours as we played with some dino stickers.

Then, I put together a quick dino sensory bin. Kiddo loooves sensory bins, especially ones with popcorn or rice that he can scoop and pour. We were busy with this for about an hour!

We also worked on arts and crafts with the  dinosaurs. 

Painting was one of the kiddo's favourite activities, and we did do it multiple times. I think this was one of the few planned tasks that we actually did, along with the cars.

On Friday, we did a few Saint Patrick's Day activities like making homemade play dough.

Welcome to Mommyhood: Saint Patrick's Day Oatmeal Playdough

I also put together a green sensory bin

Overall, we did end up doing a few of my planned tasks, but I knew that we would need a different system. This upcoming week, we will be focusing on Saint Patrick's Day activities. We will be doing a lot of green activities, I have a few colour matching activities planned, and definitely Saint Patrick's Day crafts.  We'll be focusing on colours, shapes, and I will try to do one letter activity.

I also plan to get a lot more organised with our activities, and hopefully with the way I present these posts. I've been really enjoying Tot School though, and I've already learned so much. I really need to work on being more flexible and on focusing on the Toddler, but I'm really excited to try it again next week! The kiddo has been loving trying out the new activities, some of which have been a huge hit, others less so. He's also developing much more quickly with regards to his speech, which was a major concern for me.

That's all for our first week of Tot School! I do hope that next week will go smoother, and that we'll be able to find a system that works better for us!

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