Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tot School Week 2

Tot School Week 2: Saint Patrick's Day Toddler Activities
We made it through another week of Tot School! This week was still hectic, and organisation is still a problem that I need to work on. I didn't really plan very much for this week. This means that even though we worked on a lot of fun activities, the lack of organisation and planning really made me... anxious. I have a system worked out for next week though, and I'm excited for that!

I have a lot to share this week, so I'll just get straight to the point. Here's what we did this week in Tot School:

We started the week with a few Saint Patrick's Day activities. The first was painting a shamrock and adding glitter to it. The glitter was such a mess, but a happy toddler was definitely worth it!

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

Another craft we worked on involved gluing shapes onto a shamrock. I should have cut out the shamrock on coloured paper, but oh well. In real life, we could see the distinction between the paper a bit better. We talked about the different shapes and colours of the pieces that we were gluing, too.

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot Schoool week 2

This was a special activity because it was the first time that the Toddler had used a glue stick. He didn't quite understand it at first, and I had to help him out quite a bit with this one. He seemed to be moderately amused by it though, and we'll be working on this some more next week.

We also conducted a green science experiment. We mixed some spinach and baking soda together, and then poured in some vinegar and watched the reaction. It was really hard to capture the Toddler in action with this one, as he was constantly stirring or pouring and scooping, but these are the best I could find:

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

This activity was so entertaining that we ended up testing what would happen if we add other items to this mixture. We added rice and flour, too and learned that those don't bubble and fizz like baking soda. Regardless, the Toddler had a blast pouring the rice and flour into the vinegar, and mixing it.

Later in the week, we moved onto some indoor water play.

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

This box actually had a lot more water in it, but that was poured, dumped, and splashed so many times that it ended up all over the floor. I had put down a tarp and a large beach towel on the floor so the Toddler could be as crazy as he wanted to be!

One of our favourite activities was this Dinosaur sensory box. We even made edible, homemade dirt! The Toddler loved measuring and pouring so even got to practice math!

Welcome to Mommyhood: homemade dirt and dinosaur sensory box

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

The Toddler had fun scooping and pouring the 'Dinosaur eggs' (chickpeas). He was actually pretty sad that I wouldn't eat the dried chickpeas after he tried repeatedly to put them in my mouth. Because, you know, the homemade dirt is okay for him to eat, and the dried chickpeas definitely don't look tasty, but Mommy can have them. Hm.

I also saw a post by Powerful Mothering - Nicolette set up an activity for her tot that involved putting pipe cleaners into holes in a box. We tried out the same idea, but with straws:

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

This was great! The Toddler had a blast putting the straws into the holes, and worked on refining his fine motor skills. We also practiced counting. The Toddler can officially (kind of) count to three in two languages - Russian and Frisian! 

We ended the week with a walk to the city with Daddy. 

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

Look at these flowers! Evidence that it's spring time around here! 

Welcome to Mommyhood Tot School week 2

I'm so excited for the nicer weather and spending more time outdoors. We will be going to the zoo, visiting a forest for some strolls, going to the petting zoo, and so much more!

This week was loads of fun, and I'm excited for the adventures that the next one will bring!  I think I finally figured out what will work for us: I have a theme picked out (Dinosaurs), and I made a list of about 15 activities for us to choose from. I am still avoiding setting a schedule for each day, but I do have a list of goals for what I hope to accomplish during the week:

  • 1-2 sensory activities 
  • 1-2 math activities 
  • Learning the letter D 
  • 2 arts and crafts activities 
  • And 1 Easter activity (just because) 

We will be focusing on speech with every activity. I've written about this before, but language is really a point that I am concerned about. Even though the Toddler is saying new words, and is expanding his vocabulary, I am concerned that this is going slowly. We end up speaking three languages at home: Russian (my mother language), Frisian (Hubby's mother language), and English (what hubby and I speak to each other). 

We are very, very consistent in the languages that we speak to each other and the Toddler. We know he understands us as he follows instructions very well for an 18 month old, but he doesn't say many words. Now, with Tot School, I do see a definite improvement, and I'm focusing on speaking to the Toddler as much as possible, but I'm scared that we are making it too complicated because of the quantity of languages that he's exposed to. If anyone has advice on encouraging speech/language development, I'd love to read about it! I could use any advice/criticism I can get at this point!

That´s all for Tot School so far! For more fantastic ideas, be sure to visit Carisa at the Tot School Gathering Place!


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