Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - lazy edition

What I Ate Wednesday quick healthy meals
It's that time of week again - What I Ate Wednesday! Actually, it's really What I Ate Tuesday because I'm sharing my Tuesday eats with you. This is my lazy cooking day - we had a lot to accomplish yesterday, and I didn't want to make complicated meals. All of these eats were very quickly prepared and involved minimal attention. Dinner took the longest to prep at fifteen minutes, and the rest were about five. 

Let's get to the food! 


Oven baked raspberry coconut oatmeal and a grapefruit 

Total breakfast prep time: 3 minutes. Okay, it did take a bit longer to cook, but all I had to do was mix up my ingredients, put it in a casserole dish, and pop it in the oven. Easy. I love making oatmeal in the oven - it turns out kind of like a breakfast casserole and kind of like normal oats, but it also doesn't need much love and leaves me time to focus on the kiddo in the mornings. 


Easy and healthy tuna salad wraps

Total prep time: about four minutes. I drained the tuna, chopped up a cucumber, some dill, green onion, added some salt and pepper, the juice of half of a lemon, and a small drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Yum yum. 

Guess who also loves tuna? Oh yes, the Toddler. He amazes me with his food preferences, but as long as he chooses broccoli over french fries, I consider it a win!


This was the first time I made a white bean chili and the first time I added sweet potato to it. What was I waiting for? This was delicious! We ate it, of course, the only way I am able to eat a savory meal lately - with a heap of arugula and spinach. I'm thinking of making a spinach chili next time. Is that weird? I think I'm obsessed with spinach...

Overall, yesterday was a busy day, filled with a toddler refusing to nap, a million house keeping tasks, and very little time to do it because we had a house buying related appointment. I'm glad that I was still able to get delicious, healthy meals prepared.

Amazingly, even though the Toddler refused to rest until about forty minutes before we had to leave, he was very well behaved! We had to take the train on the journey there, which really impressed the Toddler. He loved looking out of the window while munching on some spinach bread. (More proof of my spinach obsession) 

Proof that the Toddler also eats his spinach

I'm so impressed that there was no whining, no screaming, no stomping, kicking, jumping, etc. The Toddler was thoroughly amused by the cows and sheep that are typical of the scenery when traveling by train in the Netherlands. Of course, he also let out a few necessary mooooo-s in order to communicate with the many cows we passed. 

I have to say, being a one car family is definitely economical, but it has its drawbacks, even living in a country with a wonderful public transportation system. The biggest drawback- a simple drive becomes a long adventure. By car, it would have taken us about forty minutes to get to our destination. Instead, we had to walk to the train station, take the train, walk to the Hubby's work, and then drive to the new house. It took about two hours total. I really need to start driving here. Really, really, really need to start. 

So on that note, I'll leave you guys with a typical view of a drive through Friesland: 

Empty fields of green, and clouds. Welcome to Holland! 

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