Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What I Ate Wednesday - Russian Borsch

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to share our Tuesday eats! Before we get to that, I have a story. 

Our rubbish bin was stolen. Who does that? Seriously, why would someone steal a rubbish bin? Ick. We've left car doors unlocked and no one went near it! My father in law left his car running all night once and it was still there in the morning, but our rubbish bin - that gets stolen. Weird. 

I am looking forward to get paperwork on our new house going so we can move! We'd no longer be in a larger city, but rather on the outskirts of a smaller city which would mean - accessible grocery shopping, but the safety and 'quaintness' of a Dutch village. 

Okay, enough rambling, let's talk food. 


Green breakfast - spinach, green onion, and eggs. Of course I ate this with a bunch of arugula, too. 



This is a pasta dish I made before. I'm not sure if this is a botched attempt at a skinny mac and cheese or a fettuccine Alfredo, but it's good. It's also a cheat meal for me because I used whole milk instead of skim as this was intended to be a meal for the kiddo. I had made extra though, and I couldn't resist! A small portion is okay, right? 

I also had some green mashed potatoes without the potatoes. So good! 

These mashed 'potatoes' consisted of 2/3 of a head of cauliflower, 2 cups of chopped celeriac, and six florets of broccoli for a light green colour. This was also a winner with the toddler!


Borsch or Russian beet soup. One of my family's favourites. It's such a versatile recipe because it can be paleo, or it can be vegan. You can pretty much use whatever meat you want (or none), and it will still taste great! This soup contains so many fantastic ingredients - beets, carrots, cabbage, meat of choice. It bursts with flavor and vitamins! Nom nom nom. 

Russian borsch/beet soup

I tried to be a bit creative with it this time by pureeing some of the vegetables. It still tastes great, but it wasn't as filling. We're eating it again tonight, but I will also be preparing a side salad, and some kind of additional protein. 

Here's what my traditional beet soup/borsch recipe looks like: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy soup recipe Borscht


Well, this is where everything went downhill. I started off good, and had an apple and a mandarin. Then I remembered we had cookies, so I had some, and I had some chips/crisps in the evening. This is exactly why I do not go grocery shopping with my husband and exactly why I do not purchase processed foods. Even though I know they aren't good for me or even that good taste wise, I still eat it if we have it.

We still have junk food today, but I'm so done. I'm going to muster whatever self control I have, and resist.

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