Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WIAW - the day that I stuffed my face

It's that time again! Wednesday - the day I show you guys what the Toddler and I ate the day before. I never do get a chance to snap a photo of the Toddler's portions before he gobbles up his food, but he really does eat the same things as me. Unless of course we are talking about any leafy green, those are still not consumption worthy. 

Anyway, I ate yesterday. A lot. And drank a ridiculous amount of coffee. Since I've decided to make sure I get some me time in my day, I've been waking up at 5 in the morning or earlier. I love it. It makes me far more pleasant during the day to get some time in to write a blog post or two or work out! It also makes me sleep deprived and decaf coffee is no longer doing the trick. Sometimes, I wish I didn't need to sleep. Think about everything that could be done while everyone else is sleeping! 

Enough rambling, here are the goodies: 

Beet Pancakes

Beet pancakes with a small greens salad and egg. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: beet pancakes

I've tried a few versions of these pancakes, and they've always turned out really well. Usually, I like to have them with some chives, greens, and egg like you see below. And the Toddler? Looooves them. He would gladly eat any type of pancake for every single meal. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: beet pancakes

I'm not going to lie- I'm very amused by the color of these. I was a bit impatient when preparing them though, and really should have cooked them on a smaller fire - that way, they wouldn't have turned brown. Bummer. 

Spinach pizza

Welcome to Mommyhood: Healthy pizza

Favourite meal of the day. Seriously awesome. Ate a lot. I made these pretty small, which also made them Toddler friendly. He even chewed on a piece of arugula! Yay! 

Creamy broccoli soup

Welcome to Mommyhood: creamy broccoli soup

Pretty awesome and super healthy. Of course because it's me and I'm still on an arugula roll, I added some to it. So this is yet another day where I ate arugula with every single meal. 

Healthy Dessert?

For dessert, I ate coooooookies. Lots of sweet potato pie oatmeal cookies:

Welcome to Mommyhood: sweet potato pie cookies

I made these for the toddler, which means they have to be generally healthy - no sugar, artificial anything, etc. Whenever I make a toddler recipe, I do make sure that it's something I would eat, too. These were alright, but a bit bland. I guess that was my intention because I didn't add enough spices because I wasn't sure if the Toddler would like them then. These were well received, but next time, I'll add enough pumpkin pie spice so give them a bit more ooompth. 

All of that being said, I still ate a bunch because ... I just wanted to eat. Yea, Tuesday was one of those days. The Toddler had a meltdown or ten, and no nap yet again. I was drained though, and would have loved a nap, but instead, cuddled up with the Toddler and ate a bunch of cookies. Not a bad alternative if I do say so myself. 

We also snacked on a whole lot of fruit, and some greek yogurt. I think we ate a total of three grapefruits between the two of us, two apples, and a few bananas throughout the day. Like I said, a lot of fruit. 

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