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13 reasons why moving to the (Dutch) countryside is going to be awesome

I don't know if you realise this, but we're moving. I mean, I only write about it in every single post for the past month. This move and all of the preparations for it have just been taking over all aspects of my life for the past few months. 

In reality, things on the moving front have been really frustrating and stressful. First of all, the house still isn't officially ours still. Someone somewhere still hasn't signed a specific paper that needed to be delivered to someone else to look over before a specific day so that the tenth person that needed to sign on the fiftieth page could verify the other paper... blah...blah. You get the idea - paperwork is delayed. In turn, we also haven't been able to transfer over all of the utilities, nor have we been able to arrange the major construction projects. Hello frustration! We are behind schedule before even starting!

The second really big thing is that we are going from living in a lovely little home to staying with my in laws. Dun dun dun.  Actually, we will be putting a caravan on our new property and will be staying there during the day, and sleeping/showering at my in laws house. That way, while the Toddler is awake, we can run around outside, cook (err...warm up a freezer meal), hopefully manage to get tot school done, and then while he naps, I will be able to work on the house. We will probably be living between my in laws and the caravan until the fall. 

If anyone has any idea how to fit a two story house into two bedrooms and a caravan, I'd love to read about them as I am a little stumped. That's really the problem with this move. I don't actually feel like we are moving into our new, awesome home... because we aren't!
In spite of being not too thrilled about all of that construction and time, I am excited for the finished product - a permanent home for my family. 

Thus, I am finally going to get to the point of this post! To get excited about the move again, I thought I would share some of the reasons why we are actually doing this - why we were excited to take on this massive project and change our lives so drastically by moving to the countryside! 

The new house is actually located in something that is smaller than a village. We are moving onto a street that has a school, a Texas Steakhouse type of restaurant, and several houses. That is it. It's beautiful and quiet, but it's going to be a major lifestyle change for us because we are leaving the city. 

13 reasons why we can't wait to move to the Dutch countryside

  • We'll have lots of land: 


I cannot even explain to you how excited I am to live on this property. I can't wait to wake up that view, which really looks far more impressive in real life! 

Actually, it will be changed once we live there - imagine a secure and sturdy fence, a small dock, and eventually a small boat. Mhm. Mhm. What can be more idyllically Dutch than going on a short boat ride through the village? Perhaps going on the bicycle to the grocery store in the middle of a rain storm. 

  • A benefit of moving outside of the city is that what we will be paying about the same for a house that is twice as large with about five times more land. That is going to be pretty awesome. 

  • Speaking of land - the new house will have the space for us to grow a garden - a large one. Eventually, a greenhouse will live on it, too. We're leaving all of the garden related changes until next year though. 

  • Chickens. While we are not going to get chickens any time in the near future, the likelihood that it will eventually happen is quite high. I actually have no idea how to care for chickens or anything about it, but I love the idea. The most delicious eggs I have ever had came from my in laws' chickens. I have never seen an egg so yellow before. Since we're sticking to clean eating and organic foods as much as possible - how much more clean and organic can you get than using home grown veggies and 'home grown' eggs? 

  • We can get a dog. We probably won't. I'm scared of them. But we could.

  • We're getting a laundry room! Hubby surprised me with this one day and said we're adding an extension for the laundry room and I can do whatever I want with it... as long as it's within budget, of course. The homemaker in me is unbelievably excited!  Our rental in the city was fairly small, and we didn't have a specific place to keep the laundry machine or do laundry. It was incredibly frustrating and I am really looking forward to have a designated laundry space.

  • The house has a garage. We don't have one in the city, and it really bothers the Hubby. He likes to work on cars (including a race car he is building!) and we often tinker in making our own furniture/wood stuff. The garage will be rather big, and will be a man oasis for the Hubby and the Toddler (once he's older). 

  • It's safe. Really, really safe - houses are frequently unlocked and cars, too. My step-father in law left his car running all night (no idea why/how that happened), and it was still there in the morning! 

  • Smaller classrooms in schools. I'm not sure whether we will actually send my son to the school in the new village. I recently discovered a Montessori school in the area, and will be looking into that, as well. 

  • I'm going to run. Like a lot. The area that we are moving to has gorgeous cycling paths that can double as running paths. I cannot wait.

  • I'm going to ride my bicycle. My husband taught me to ride a bicycle at the age of 23. Yep. I moved to the Netherlands and could not ride a bike. While I am not nearly as cool as pretty much everyone else in the Netherlands that can strap two kids onto their bicycles, a bunch of groceries, and a dog to go out and about, I can actually ride a bicycle and look forward to doing so more often.

  • Driving. I will no longer be able to walk to the grocery store and to the market. Okay. This is a huge drawback. I am not looking forward to having to use a car to get around at all.
First of all, it's not environmentally friendly, it's not free, and well, I hate driving in the Netherlands. I panic every time I get behind the wheel even though I have a valid US driver's licence that I got on the first that I took my road test.
Moving to the middle of nowhere means I am going to have to get over it and drive. I am trying to see the positive of this though - being able to drive means that I am not going to rely on other people, I can feel independent, and it will really give me a lot more freedom. 

After living in the Netherlands for about four years, I drove yesterday. A lot. And it was great! I only stalled the car twice! As you can tell, I am not too great at driving a stick shift, but I can. With a bit more practice, I'll be able to do it alone, and I'm really looking forward to the freedom! We'll still be a one car family for the foreseeable future though. Hubby can just take the bike to work like all the other Dutch people. 
  • But! As I mentioned, we are moving to the Dutch countryside. This means that we are never really that far away from everything. A five minute drive or ten minute bike ride will get us into the middle of a city, where we will be able to visit grocery stores, butchers, and a market every Tuesday morning and Saturday afternoon!

See! Moving will be worth all the stress and worries that we are experiencing. In general, I am really glad that we are able to purchase a house at all at this point in our lives. I feel like we are pretty young-ish (mid twenties), and with me being a SAHM, with our one income, I feel very, very fortunate to be able to say that we are (almost) homeowners!  

There are really a lot more reasons why we moving and why this works for my family, but we can chat about that another time! I have more boxes to go pack and perhaps a cup of coffee or two to drink. 

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