Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A successful day of delicious paleo eats! And a cookie story

Do you have any go to foods that you have to have everyday? For my son, those foods are bananas and mandarins. If he could eat only those two things every single day for every single meal, I would have a very happy toddler.

For me, those foods are spinach/arugula and apples. I am obsessed with spinach. Seriously guys. Obsessed. I don't like it cooked though. So I have been adding a handful of raw spinach to pretty much every. single. meal. At first the Husband played along (he needs a better nickname, doesn't he?). Now, he's starting to think I'm a bit weird because I add it to meals where it may not really work, but come on! It's spinach! It always works. Always.


And that's why, we've been having green smoothies for breakfast a lot. I get my a spinach fix, the Toddler gets a ba-ba (banana), and I do a little jig because I got the child to consume greens.

See. He really does like them! And that's the only photo of our breakfast. Instead, it's story time! 

So you know mommy brain? It's a real thing that has been known to cause many intelligent women to do nonsensical, completely illogical things. For instance, on Sunday, I set about to make a smoothie. I added all of the ingredients, including a lovely banana on top. I go to put on the lid, and just before turning on the blender, I realise, something didn't look quite right. I took the lid back off and stared at what I had done - I peeled the banana, tossed it, and put the peel in the blender. Great job self. That would not have been tasty. 


Lunch, however, went much more smoothly, and I didn't nearly feed my child and myself any food scraps, peels or icky things. 

Oven roasted squash fries (my other current food obsession), fresh spinach (yep, again), and some oven roasted salmon. There were more fries. I ate them. But I was good and saved some for the Toddler. 

He ate the same thing sans spinach. The fries were devoured first. They were shoveled into his mouth with both of his hands. I felt kind of bad that I didn't make more and made a mental note to make them more often. He ate half the amount of salmon.


Roasted beets, some frozen peas (quickly snapped the photo in between hail storms and naps yesterday. I had about five minutes, so yes, the photo had frozen ones, no we didn't eat them that way), pan fried bak-choy, and meatballs. 

I love roasted veggies - the beets were pretty awesome and very easy to just toss in the oven with a tiny bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper. The bak-choy was underneath the meatballs. I pan fried it for a few seconds with some ginger, garlic, and a green onion. Very, very tasty. 

But the shining stars of this dish were those meatballs! How about some stuffed with mushrooms and parsley? Yes please! They were pretty a-ma-zing. 

They smelled so good even as I was just forming them into some kind of a meatball-y shape while they were still uncooked. I had to tell myself that they wouldn't taste as good in their raw form. Yea, don't eat raw meat. 

I was also thinking that these would be pretty nice in some kind of a vegan/vegetarian form? How about with chickpeas or black beans instead of ground meat? Yummm. I'm not sure if they would stick together as well without the egg though. Or probably not at all. I'll have to test this next week. 


A lot of snacks. On Monday, I had a huge dip in energy by around noon. I  realised that not only had I completely forgotten to eat breakfast, but I had pretty much not eaten all day. Um. Fail. Yesterday (Tuesday), I put in a conscientious effort into making sure that I was eating meals and snacking. 

The Toddler and I enjoyed: sunflower seeds, apple slices with peanut butter, bananas, mandarins, dates (a lot), raisins, and persimmons. A lot of snacks. A lot of yummy and healthy snacks! 

And... one more story. The Toddler and I had gone shopping earlier in the week, and a woman came up to him. Don't know her, never saw her before. She offered my Toddler a cookie and handed it to him before I could stop her! I don't like it when other people offer my child food, especially when I don't know that person! 

While a cookie may not be that big of a deal on its own, a stranger has no idea whether or not that child has an allergy, or a health problem that may prevent him/her from being able to eat it! Plus, I don't know whether this lady has good hygiene or where her hands have been. Ick. 

But! My little boy is pretty awesome - He took the cookie, examined it for a quick second and handed it right back in disgust. And then asked me for a banana. Win! I don't expect this to happen every time he encounters something unhealthy, but I am so proud of him and definitely told him that! 

Had he not reacted in this way, I would have said something to both him and the woman, but I'm pretty sure that if he had wanted to eat it, we would have been dealing with a meltdown. 

So let's end this post with a few questions: Has a stranger ever offered your kid(s) food? How do you react? 

And have you ever had those moments 'mommy brain' moments? What's the weirdest thing you've ever done? 

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