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Healthy toddler meals (1 year and several months old)

Healthy toddler meals
Hi there! Another month has absolutely flown by! Things at our home have been craaazzzyyyy, but we haven't moved yet. We're still waiting to hear about our mortgage. In theory, everything should be fine, but we have to wait for a few more pieces of paper to arrive. Okay, I'm going to stop thinking about it, and stop rambling about it! 

So how have things been going with the Toddler's meals? Pretty good. He still loves his veggies, adores fruit, and is generally eating healthy meals. He is obsessed with bananas so much that he could eat three in one go. And he's tried. If he gets a banana, he will ask for another. Again and again and again. The same thing with bread. (No, he doesn't actually get to eat that many bananas in one time). 

The bread is becoming a problem, though and I'm working on reducing the whole family's bread consumption. We're making the switch to a more paleo lifestyle, even though I am still not sure what exactly that will entail for the Toddler's meals. 

Anyhow, here's what has been working lately for our toddler meals, but I haven't managed to snap many photos of the Toddler's actual portions. Next month, I promise! The problem is that if the Toddler knows that food prep is going on, my sweet little guy turns into a grumpy grizzly bear and neeeeeds to eat right then and there! 


Typical breakfasts in our home rotate between pancakes, eggs fruit, or oatmeal.  

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy toddler meals oven baked oatmeal

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: beet pancakes

Lunches and dinners

Steamed veggies are a go to lunch and are often served with dinner, as well. I don't frequently make the toddler separate meals. He won't eat salads though, so if I'm going to have a salad for lunch, he'll typically get any combination of vegetables that we happen to have on hand. 

Absolutely amazing paleo tuna cakes

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: tuna cakes (paleo)

These were absolutely delicious! I made them recently for the first time, and they will become a staple in our home. I love that they have veggies in there (carrot, leek, potato), as well as the tuna. The Toddler seemed to agree with me as he ate up his portion (one tuna cake with steamed broccoli on the side) within a few minutes. 


Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: lentils

Honestly, I was a bit surprised that he really enjoyed this meal, but he did eat his entire portion. I promise, next month, I'll actually snack photos of his portions! Oh, and no, he didn't eat the greens. 

Spinach pizza

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: healthy spinach pizza

Remember when I said the Toddler doesn't like to eat his spinach? I put the spinach in the dough this time! He loved it, and even helped me to make the dough! Now, I know he didn't get a lot of spinach from blending it into the crust, but it is significantly more than nothing, so I'll take it!

Spinach and corn bread

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: healthy spinach bread

I cannot explain enough how much my son adored this bread. Serious love affair right there. Again, I'm trying to get him to eat his greens in whatever way I can! 

Whenever he gets something like this for lunch (a bread), I try to balance it with a side of steamed veggies and a protein. 

Butternut squash fries 

These were fantastic!

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: butternut squash fries

Look! An actual Toddler portion! I made these with a drizzle of olive oil, and a whole lot of pepper. I also took half a head of garlic, cut off the bottom (left the rest of the peel on), drizzled in more olive oil, and baked with the fries. 

I gave the Toddler this portion, and apparently failed to make enough because they were not eaten, but rather inhaled. I have to admit, I thought they were great, as well. These, along with those tuna cakes, are going to be lunch time staples. Plus,  homemade fries are so easy! Just cut, drizzle with oil, and pop in the oven! Easy lunch means I can get on with everything else that needs to be = win!

Squash and snap pea stir fry

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: butternut squash stir fry

This was awesome! The Toddler also had an egg and about half of this portion. At first, he really didn't care for it, but when he saw that I was eating it, too, he suddenly changed his mind. I guess kids really do follow our lead! 


Fruit with yogurt or just on its own tends to be our dessert. Sometimes,  I do experiment with healthier options of desserts, like these healthy sweet potato cookies.

Welcome to Mommyhood Healthy toddler meals: healthy sweet potato cookies

I didn't like them. I made a whole bunch, and ate a whole bunch, but I didn't really like them. The Toddler adored them though, so I think I'll try making them again sometime next month with a few modifications. 

Bonus: Easter toddler meal

It's a carrot! (or at least was intended to be haha). I don't normally like to make our food look 'fun' by adding shapes or what not, but I tried: 

Sweet potato and carrot hash on whole wheat bread with avocado spread and broccoli. Sweet potato hash has been a favourite of mine lately. The Toddler likes it, but prefers smashed or roasted sweet potato. 

Overall, I'm still happy with how the Toddler is eating. This month, I also learned that how I present his food matters, or rather the type of tools I give him. If I give him a fork when he wants a spoon, well, then the food obviously cannot be consumed, or vice versa. I now just tend to give him both, as long as he eats what he is served! 

The thing that I still struggle with is dairy, or rather milk. Now that the Toddler is nursing much less frequently, I want to supplement his milk consumption, but I'm still stumped as to what kind of milk is "best". He drinks both cow's milk and almond milk every now and again, but would much rather have tea or water. I definitely don't want to force him to drink or eat anything that he doesn't like, but it seems like he should be drinking it. He does get other forms of dairy like yogurt or cheese, though. Anyway, I'd love to know what you're doing! Do your kids get cow's milk, or another kind? Do they like it? 

For more toddler recipes, please visit my healthy toddler recipes page. 

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