Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Moving and stuff WIAW

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I'm going to keep my rambling short and sweet with this one! We have been busy folks! Really, really busy. Do you know what happens when we are busy? Meal planning becomes pointless because I either a) do not want to cook at all so we get takeout or b) I cook a lot because I am stressed out. We've seen both already this week. 

Yesterday, I woke up early, realised we had zero bananas and took the Toddler to the grocery store right after his breakfast. I, of course, saw all sorts of fantastic veggies, picked up more cabbage, some chicken, and spent his nap time cooking rather than packing. Whateva. I needed a break, and after eating takeout on Monday, I was really excited to get in some healthy meals on Tuesday. So, here is What We Ate on Tuesday: 


Coffee + a banana + a handful of raisins = Fail. 


By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving because I obviously skipped breakfast. So I made us something very filling - sweet potato and cabbage hash with sage and eggs

Welcome to Mommyhood: sweet potato hash (Paleo) Welcome to Mommyhood: sweet potato hash (Paleo)
This was awesome! The Toddler and I shared this portion, and he kindly picked out all of the cabbage from his plate. I liked it- cabbage and all! This would make a great breakfast!


I really, really wanted to have a green bean casserole yesterday. I saw that we have green beans in the fridge, which I had forgotten about when I sat down to write my meal plan. I have a fairly skinny green bean casserole recipe somewhere that is really creamy without using a tinned 'cream of' soup. 

But, it's not paleo. I went to the grocery store in hopes of finding some coconut milk to try out a recipe that was forming in my head. But all of the coconut milks I found had lots of E-somethings in the ingredients list, so it looks like I will be trying to not only make some kind of a paleo casserole in the future, but also will be having a go at making my own coconut milk

Instead, I chose to throw in a bunch of ingredients to make this one pot wonder: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: One pot wonder green bean dish (Paleo) 

With some rosemary potatoes

Welcome to Mommyhood: Rosemary potatoes (Paleo)

Both dishes turned out great! The green bean concoction was surprisingly tasty given that it came together on a first try. My chief food tasters both loved dinner so I will be sharing the recipes soon! 

The green bean dish is so easy and so, so tasty. The Toddler, who has been hating on green beans lately, even ate them! Actually, he saw the green beans and was very much so not impressed. After gobbling up the potatoes and the chicken, he shook his head no, while simultaneously munching on the beans. So I guess he was telling me that he didn't want to be eating them even though he did so voluntarily? 


3 apples (no joke. I actually kept track. I had 3 apples!)
A banana
Handful of cherry tomatoes 
And a whole lot of dark chocolate. Like a lot, a lot. It was necessary. 

Not a good start to the day, but we ended on a pretty good note! Given that we are in hectic-crazy-land, I'm pretty impressed that we didn't have takeout last night even if we did completely ignore the meal plan for the second week in a row! 

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