Sunday, 20 April 2014

Moving week meal plan

This past week has been filled with all sorts of craziness. Aside from packing, stressful paperwork, trying to get over my irrational of driving in the Netherlands so I can still be independent once we move, Hubby and I also had a TTC conversation which left me stunned (in a positive way, but still). 

Because we've been so busy, eating healthy let alone sticking to paleo guidelines pretty much went out the window by the end of the week. I veered away from our meal plan pretty early on in the week for the sake of preparing quick meals and have extra time to get stuff done around the house. I've accepted that a few/several meals this upcoming week will also be unhealthy. We'll get back to eating well and cooking from scratch once we get out of this house. 

Anyhow, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. Here is what I hope we will be eating: 


Hard boiled eggs
Egg scramble 


Whatever I feel like making/is easy/convenient. Probably salads me and steamed veggies for the Toddler.


Take out x 2
Grab night

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy soup recipe Borscht

Freezer meal - broccoli cauliflower soup with a side of meat of some sort

A delicious simple and sweet kale salad from Marnie at Super Smart Mama! I am so, so excited to try this!

Curry (didn't get to making one last week). I think I'll try a red thai curry recipe from A Pinch of Yum. It calls for sugar, which I will leave out and will serve with cauliflower rice.

Red Thai Curry Sauce - goes with anything! BEST Thai recipe I've ever made. |

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